Install IOS on your Windows operating System .Everyone wants to use Apple OS because it’s one of the Best Operating System in the world . But every Person can’t effort to buy Ipad because it’s too costly an simple Ipad will cost about  30,000/- Everyone wish to buy Apple Product but they are costly because Apple  have good User Interface , Lot’s of Apps are available some are paid and some are free, Games, Itunes and Lots of  fun. If anyone buys any Apple Product then it’s worth you will be enjoying all Apple features.

Now Lets begin with IOS, How to Install IOS on windows PC .

First of all you have to Download Ipadian and extract it and Click on Ipadian icon. Ipadian Comes custom App Store and some default Installed Apps .It also Provide free Music, Videos, social Chat, Facebook Notification, Gmail, Browser and lot’s more.By Using Ipadian your windows operating system will not effect it will be running as a separate task . 

Ipadian comes with apps and Games which are pre-installed in Ipad such as Ipad University, Ipad Groups, Inote, Ichat, Share Files, Sport TV, Radio, Games such as Angry Bird ,Google+, Facebook ,App Store, Music, Weather etc and lots of more features . I was Playing Piano it sounds melodious and enjoyed while playing it.Please try Piano app on Ipad  you will be Enjoying it while playing it.


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