Linux is an Unix based computer operating system, free and open source software development and distribution. Linux is mostly used by Programmer, Developer and Network Analyst. It’s Little bit difficult to Use because most of the task are done by Terminal (Command Prompt). If you are using your computer for Internet Purpose then Linux is an perfect OS.  You can Learn Linux by using this simple installation process and if you find anything going wrong then you can easily uninstall it.  Lets Begin with Ubuntu InstallationWindows-7-Ubuntu

How To Install Ubuntu inside Windows

STEP 1 :- Download Wubi Installer from Ubuntu or Download it from Here.

STEP 2 :- Run the Wubi application and it will ask you for Location to Install it (C-drive) and Username and Password to Install Ubuntu.ubuntu_installer

STEP 3 :- Select Environment “Ubuntu” which is by default because Ubuntu is the most stable version of Linux and most popular.

STEP 4 :- Now Click on Next, Wubi will start downloading Ubuntu essential file and Click Next once finished downloading.

STEP 5 :- Ubuntu will start Installing Inside Windows once finished it will ask for reboot and Click Finish.

STEP 6 :- Now Windows Boot Manager will show you Option to Select Windows or Linux.boot-screen

STEP 7 :- Select Ubuntu and Enter the Password and Login to your Ubuntu User Account.

You have successfully installed Ubuntu inside Windows!!!

Note:- To Uninstall Ubuntu, Goto Windows Control Panel –> Add/ Remove Program –> Select Wubi –> click on uninstall.

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