Ubuntu is one of the most Favorite Open Source free Operating System with lots of features Like Network Connectivity Most of the Servers are Linux Based because they gives great Security and Connectivity.  Ubuntu for Android  Mobile workers a compelling reason to Upgrade their handset  because every time moving with desktop is impossible so this  Ubuntu for Android gives easy connect with your desktop PC. Ubuntu desktop is easy to use and that’s one reason why Ubuntu is now the world’s favourite free operating system. More then 50% of all Linux developers use Ubuntu. Ubuntu for Android comes with full range of desktop application for mobile such as web browsing, Office, emails and messages. Ubuntu for Android wants to bring Desktop world with your portable smartphone together. The best thing about Ubuntu is their security for applications.   

Features of Ubuntu for Android

#1. Secure full-featured web

#2. Unified contacts

#3. Calendar coordination

#4. Messaging and calls

#5. Simple integrated settings

#6. Social networking services

Requirements of Ubuntu for Android

#1. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS

#2. Dual-core 1GHz CPU

#3. Storage: 2GB for OS disk image

#4. 512 MB RAM

#5. USB host mode

Ubuntu and Android uses same Kernel and when Ubuntu is docked, Ubuntu OS boots and start running concurrently with Android OS. This allows us to get synchronized between Desktop and Mobile. CPU cores are only used when Ubuntu OS is docked and if  Ubuntu is not used then whole CPU Core power is transfer to Android.

[Download Ubuntu Installer]

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