iPhone 6 is release date on August 2014, with Phone+Tablet= Phablet with  5.7-inch screen size. iPhone 6 will come with showcase of virtually indestructible Liquidmetal casing and sapphire glass coating. A8 chip in 64-bit mobile and iOS 8. This will be the Next Big Smartphone from Apple.

iphone 6 features

iPhone 6 or iPhone Air will be Next big deal and will be adding Lots of New Feature, connectivity and new security. Apple iPhone 6 will be thinnest Smartphone.

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1. Bigger screen (5.7-inch)

2. Slim Body

3. Digital signature

4. 128 GB Storage

5. Quad core processor

Features of  iPhone 6 or iPhone Air

iPhone 6 will be comming with  5.7-inch screen size (Phablet).

iPhone 6 will have Sharp’s IGZO Display

iPhone 6 will add Biometrics To Mainstream with Touch ID

iPhone 6 will have Thumb Scanning Technology on Display Screen

iPhone 6 will be coming with Multicolour Cases To Enhance Appearance

iPhone 6 will also come With Eye Tracking Feature

iPhone 6 will be coming with 3D 12 MP Primary Camera

Apple iPhone 6 or  iPhone Air Expected Released in May 2014

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