After launching iPhone 5 Apple have decided to Introduce iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S because iPhone 5 seems many disappointment for many people. We can expect an iPhone 6 announcement by June 2013. It may differ in one or two month up and down in announcement they are saying they will release iPhone 6 in 9 months after the iPhone 6. iphone6

iPhone 6 Design

With the Retina display Apple will be looking to implement a 4.8 inch Retina with IGZO screen made by Sharp. This  Sharp will make the iPhone display  brighter , thinner and much clearer better than HD resolutions You Just can’t Imagine the Display it will be super Powerful. The camera and flash will be using a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal window which can change opacity as per the need of User.

iPhone 6 Features

Flexible Screen,In-Display Speakers.Tactile Keyboard,Shake to charge battery this are feature which will be included in iPhone 6. They are also trying to add some killer features such as wireless charging, NFC and biometric security.

iPhone 6 will also increase the storage capacity upto 128GB where as for iPhone 5 it was only 64GB.

It will also include Near Field Communications (NFC) support, a close area wireless system which as being widely used by many Android Devices but was  absent in iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 Price

As the Models of  iPhone gets Increased from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 the cost of iPhone has also increased. The iPhone 5 at a price as low as $199 and the iPhone 4S for $99. The predicted Price for iPhone 6 will be $200-$300

iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 is expected to announcement by June 2013 \m/

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