Android New Version Name called “Kaju Katli” for Android Campaign. More than 450 Millions Smartphone Devices are running on Android Operating System which is an Open Source and Huge Android Market  Variety of Android Application. A group of Android Users in India have started Campaign to name  “Kaju Katli” as Next  Android Version.Kaju-Katli-Logo

As we all Know about Android Version Naming System, They are Basically based on some dessert or some Sweet Dish and all so they follow the Alphabetical Order. kaju_katli

It’s Time for Google to show Love for Indian, Because more then 400% of growth of Android OS has been Taken place in India. As we all Love Android Google should Also pay back to Us. Android Indian Hindi Version Android.

More Than 8000 People Support Kaju Katli for Android and this name also suites for Android OS Naming Scheme, which is  C– cupcake, D– donut, E-Éclair, G – gingerbread, H– honeycomb, I – Ice Cream Sandwich, J – Jelly bean and Now it’s Time for and all the campaigners wants the next Android version to be named on Indian sweet “Kaju Katli”.

Cupcake > Donut > Eclair > Froyo > Gingerbread > Honeycomb > IceCream Sandwich > JellyBean > K……!

Sign Up for Campaign to support Indian Android Version 4.2 and Share it with your Friend to Support Kaju Katli.

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