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Li-Fi sounds familiar to Wi-Fi, isn’t it? Yes, just like our Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a high speed wireless technology. However, Li-Fi uses Visible Light Communication(VLC) to transmit data. So, what makes Li-Fi a big deal? Well, Li-Fi simply transmits data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi


You just need to switch on the bulb in your room, and you will get super power wireless internet to all your devices including laptop, smartphones and tablets.

Li-Fi is a wireless technology that uses Light – emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission. In Li-Fi, data is transmitted through LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors.

Benefits of Using Li-Fi

  • Higher speeds than Wi-Fi.

  • 10000 times the frequency spectrum of radio.

  • More secure because data cannot be intercepted without a clear line of sight.

  • Eliminates neighboring network interference.

  • Does not create interference in sensitive electronics, making it better for use in environments like hospitals and aircraft.

  • By using Li-Fi in all the lights in and around a building, the technology could enable greater area of coverage than a single WiFi router.

We have seen the incredible power of LiFi. A speed of 224 Gbps is truly amazing. LiFi has a potential to surpass the limits of WiFi.

But you know, Every technology comes with some issues and LiFi has also some serious problems which can’t make you throw you WiFi router even you will have a LiFi adapter.

It’s very easy to occlude an optical transmitter or receiver, making it very easy to take your device offline by getting in the way of the signal.

Deployment of Li-Fi infrastructure requires installing all new lighting systems, which are expensive. Devices won’t be built with Li-Fi in them until there is a large infrastructure and the infrastructure won’t be built until there are Li-Fi devices
Let Us discuss some temporary problems

You know LiFi wants a LED bulb to give you internet flawlessly. But there is a number of types of LED bulbs. So this could be possible that your LED bulb would not compatible with your LiFi adapter.

Also, LiFi works in line of sights so this requires atleast one LED bulb for each corner of the room.

You will need extra adapters for more rooms, this will cost up your wallet.

Also there is a electric wiring replacement you have to make to use LiFi.

Now let us discuss about some serious problems of Using LiFi.


The main issue of LiFi that it cannot pass internet through a wall unlike WiFi does, because light cannot pass through the walls. Not only this, if anything blocking a LED bulb this will also create some interference in internet.

Other Light source

Other lighting source could interfere your LiFi network especially when your are in an open room where lights from outside may come, then there are fair chance of interruption.

Night Problems

You will also not play you favorite game at nights by turning off the lights. Researcher says LiFi even works in IR rays (low intensity) but this will reduce the speed. And also you know high intensity infrared is not good for our skin.

So, I think LiFi will have a tough competition with WiFi. If LiFi removes all these shortcoming maybe there a chance to get a fair technology.

What to do when the light turns off?

Example like People turn off light by accident often happens in office . If you were having video chat with your friends and then unluckily, you need to open the power and connect the LIFI again.

What to do if I want to loiter network?

I believe that many people have the experience of loitering network. Wifi can transmit data through wall but Lifi can not!

What to do if you encounter hazy weather?

Hazy weather often happened on these days. And future design of LIFI is that Lifi can do wireless transmission through street light and led screen. However, if Lifi meets heavy hazy weather, and the transmission speed would reduce at a large extent.

Lifi can download data and how it upload document?

Strictly speaking, lifi only can do single direction communication.

However, lifi’s technology has great application prospect and we can apply Lifi to AD recommendation and real time traffic status. Imagining that you are going to cross over the intersection and you cellphone shows the real traffic status in time ant it tells you that a traffic accident happened in the second cross,please take another way.

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