Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu, Dasavatara, Avatars of Lord Vishnu, kurma avatar, Lord Vishnu avatar, Avatars of Vishnu, भगवान विष्णु के अवतार, vishnu avatar


Mom, I am a genetic scientist. I am working in the US on the
evolution of man. Theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, have
you heard of him? ” Vasu asked.
His Mother sat down next to him and smiled, “I know about
Darwin, Vasu. “But Have you heard of Dashavatar? The ten
avatars of Vishnu?”
Vasu replied in no.
“Then let me tell you what you and Mr. Darwin don’t know.
Listen carefully-
The first avatar was the Matsya avatar, it means the fish. That
is because life began in the water. Is that not right?” Vasu
began to listen with a little more attention.
“Then came the Kurma Avatar, which means the tortoise,
because life moved from the water to the land. The amphibian.
So the Tortoise denoted the evolution from sea to land.
Third was the Varaha, the wild boar, which meant the wild
animals with not much intellect, you call them the Dinosaurs,
correct? ” Vasu nodded wide eyed.
“The fourth avatar was the Narasimha avatar, half man and
half animal, the evolution from wild animals to intelligent
Fifth the Waman avatar, the midget or dwarf, who could grow
really tall. Do you know why that is? Cause there were two
kinds of humans, Homo Erectus and the Homo Sapiens and
Homo Sapiens won that battle.” Vasu could see that his
Mother was in full flow and he was stupefied.
“The Sixth avatar was Parshuram, the man who wielded the
axe, the man who was a cave and forest dweller. Angry, and
not social.
The seventh avatar was Ram, the first thinking social being,
who laid out the laws of society and the basis of all
The Eighth avatar was Balarama, a true farmer showed value
of agriculture in the life
The Ninth avatar was Krishna, the statesman, the politician,
the lover who played the game of society and taught how to
live and thrive in the social structure.
And finally, my boy, will come Kalki, the man you are working
on. The man who will be genetically supreme.”
Vasu looked at his Mother speechless. “This is amazing Mom,
how did you.. This makes sense!”
“Yes it does Vasu! We Indians knew some amazing things just
didnt know how to pass it on scientifically. So made them into
mythological stories. Mythology makes sense. Its just the way
you look at it – Religious or Scientific.

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