WWDC 2013 Apple announcements next version of the Mac operating system, labeled as OS X Mavericks 10.9 Apple have decided to integrate the two major feature stuff like iMessage, Notification Centre . OS X Mavericks, brings Lots of new features. Here’s are Some of the Top features of Mavericks.OS-X-Mavericks

Top 10 Features of  OS X Mavericks

1. Finder Tabs :- Support with drag and drop, window merging, and full-screen support.

2. Tags :- Come to the Mac for searching meta data, tags show up in the sidebar.

3. Multi-display enhancement:- Support for full screen, menus span multiple displays, Docks can be summoned from any display.

4. Maps :- You can easily send directions from Mac Maps to iOS Maps.

5. iBooks :- Arrives on OS X as a book reader, syncs with iOS devices, allows note annotation, includes built-in study cards based on notes.

6. Notifications :- You can now respond directly to Notifications from the Notification Center without launching the specific apps, and iOS push notifications will arrive in OS X, they will also show up on the lock screen of OS X.

7. Updated Safari browser :- Safari 7 includes major under-the-hood improvements, and includes a social stream and link sharing feature that watches your social networks for interesting links.

8. New Calendar :- Improvements provides suggestions, weather updates for location, travel expectations for time to arrival and much more.

9. iCloud keychain :- keeps track of all passwords and logins, stores them encrypted in iCloud and remembers all logins, Safari will auto-suggest ultra strong passwords.

10. AppNap :- Suspends and resumes background apps and processes on the fly.


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