Friends Today I will show you how to Merge multiple Gmail accounts in one Gmail account Known as Primary and Secondary Account. From Secondary Account Mails will be forwarded and Primary account will receive it.

How To Access Multiple Email Accounts in Gmail

STEP 1 :- log in to Your Gmail account and Click on Setting Logo.

STEP 2 :- Now Click on Accounts tab and click on Add another account.


STEP 3 :- Now it will show you pop up window. Then, enter your primary address.

access multiple email accounts

STEP 4 :- Now Click Next Step.

STEP 5 :- Then click on send email to grant access.

STEP 6 :- log out from your current Gmail a/c and sign in with your primary account.

STEP 7 :- Now it will send you confirmation email. Click on the link to accept it.

STEP 8 :- Now within 5 hour your account will get Synchronized.

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