Security is one of the Important Aspect of  Computer Network because now a days Online attacks for Viruses, Trojan and many other harmful Spyware.This may expose all your Personal information to unauthorized  hence security is on of the major task which should be performed by network administrator. Always  try to secure your Internet Network by implementing advanced and protective security strategies.

Install Network Security Principles On Network Server 


A firewall is a device or set of devices that Permit or deny access to the network. firewall is basically installed inside the network router. Network Transmission is based upon  a set of Rules. Most of the Operating System has inbuilt  firewall to protect against threats from public Internet. when user stop using Internet,then Router closes Ports of Protocol.  Protocol are Sets of Rules, different protocols has different rules.


Encryption is the process of transforming information Using Algorithm So that Information will be Unreadable to Unauthorized Users. Only Authorized Users or a person who knows the specific algorithm can decrypt it. Encryption is one of the best way to avoid Unauthorized Users.

Access Control

Access Control Filters  Network traffic and works like firewall Such as Filtering IP packets. Access Control checks for source  and  destination  port and configuring to test the secure status of each packet .Network admin control and specify the range of IP addresses communicating with each other.So router helps to block unauthorized Access.


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