Next Generation Sony Nextep, Portable Computer in the year 2020. Where everything will be at lightning speed and Slim in size. By the Year 2020 it will be New Era of Computers with tons of features. This is the Concept by Sony called Nextep which is developed to worn on your Wrist. Nextep is full of  flexible OLED touchscreen, So that it can easily fit on your wrist and can easily bend.

Nextep comes with holographic projector for screen and Keyboard below the display, We have to pull keyboard out whenever needed. This is the New Idea from Sony and More 7 years from Now, Not too much. We have to wait for it.

sony-nextep1 sony-nextep2 sony-nextep3 sony-nextep4 sony-nextep5

Nextep wrist computer is designed by Hiromi Kiriki, with Full-on Social Media Support . Hope I will get a Chance to try it out, If you enjoyed the content please share it with your friends and followers.

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