Nokia Phones Bellow Rs.5000 within budgets so that every common people can afford to buy it. Most of this phones are very simple and can be used in day to day life they don’t require any maintenance Like phone Update etc Some Phones Support games and Apps (Java Only) Battery Life for this Nokia phone is good don’t consume more battery and also Light Weight.

 Nokia 1280 – Rs.1072

Nokia 1800 – Rs.1,370

Nokia 1616 – Rs.1,200

Nokia C1 – Rs.1,250

Nokia 1662 – Rs.1,400

Nokia C1-01 – Rs.2,000 (With 2GB Memory Card)

Nokia C1-02 –  Rs. 2,108 (With 2GB Memory Card)

Nokia 2690 – Rs.2200

Nokia 2330 classic – Rs. 2,404

Nokia 2700 classic – Rs.3,137Nokia X2-01 – Rs.3,563Nokia 5130 XpressMusic – Rs.3,779

Nokia C2-02 -Rs.3,730

Nokia C2-01  – Rs. 3,800

Nokia 2730 CLASSIC – Rs.3,990

Nokia X2 – Rs. 4,150

Nokia C2-03 – Rs.4,200

Enjoy Best Nokia Phones Just Bellow Rs.5,000/-

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