Onam, the most celebrated festival in the state of Kerala, India, is a time of joy, unity, and reflection. It marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali, and the festivities span over ten days, filled with music, dance, and a grand feast known as the Onasadya. As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant colors and rich traditions of Onam, it’s also a time to exchange heartfelt wishes with our loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of Onam wishes and share some beautiful messages you can send to your friends and family.

Wishes for Onam

  • May Lord Mahabali shower you with joy and prosperity on this special day. A joyful Onam to you!
  • Onam is a time that unites us all annually. A celebration of reunion, merriment, and festivities! Warm Onam wishes to everyone!
  • May this Onam usher in positivity and immense joy into your life. A heartfelt Onam greeting to all!
  • On this momentous day, may you be surrounded by love, happiness, and success. May Lord Mahabali’s blessings be upon you this Onam!
  • King Mahabali’s illustrious history inspires us to shape a bright future. Let’s continue to aim high. Warm Onam wishes to your family!
  • On this blessed day, heartfelt Onam wishes from our family to yours.
  • Onam is a time when loved ones come together, bringing warmth, joy, and cheer. Hope you’re having a delightful Onam!
  • This Onam, may King Mahabali’s blessings be upon you, granting all your wishes. Joyful Onam!
  • Sending heartfelt greetings on this festive day. A wonderful Onam to you and your family!
  • On this festive occasion, may your home radiate warmth, joy, and tranquility. Joyful Onam!
  • Wishing everyone a prosperous, joyful, and vibrant Onam!
  • May this festive period shower you with fortune, happiness, and peace. Warm Onam wishes!
  • Sending my heartfelt blessings and wishes to you and your family. Joyful Onam!
  • This Onam, may blessings of prosperity, joy, and success be upon you and your family.
  • Wishing you wellness and joy this Onam!
  • May the joy of Onam radiate in your home. Have a delightful Onam!
  • This year, may the essence of Onam be present in all your endeavors. Warm Onam wishes to you!
  • May the Onam spirit fill your home and heart with love, contentment, and joy. Happy Onam!
  • Though distance separates us, the Onam memories we created remain close to my heart. Missing you this Onam!
  • May Lord Mahabali guide you towards success. Have a delightful Onam!
  • May the Onam spirit remain with you throughout the year. Warm Onam wishes!
  • Missing our Onam feasts and celebrations. Warm Onam wishes from our family to yours. Stay safe!
  • Recalling the joyous Onam celebrations of our youth. Warm Onam wishes!
  • As we welcome King Mahabali, I wish you a prosperous and joyful Onam!
  • Wishing you a safe, healthy, and joyful Onam from our family.
  • On this special day, let’s pray for the well-being and prosperity of our families. Joyful Onam!
  • Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this Onam. Stay safe and joyful!
  • Though you’re far away, you’re in our hearts this Onam. Blessings to you!
  • May your life be as delightful as the Onam feast. Warm Onam wishes!
  • Joyful Onam! Stay blessed.
  • This Onam, may King Mahabali’s divine blessings be upon us. Warm Onam wishes to all!
  • May the essence of Onam remain with us, even after the celebrations end. Joyful Onam!
  • Sending warm greetings on this special occasion. Have a delightful Onam!
  • Wishing you a wonderful Onam celebration. Stay joyful!
  • You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Stay blessed and safe this Onam!
  • Warm Onam wishes to you and your loved ones from us.
  • May King Mahabali’s spirit guide you always. Warm Onam wishes!
  • May all your dreams come true this Onam. Warm wishes to your family!
  • Wishing you a prosperous and joyful Onam!
  • On this joyous Onam occasion, may you be showered with happiness, health, and wealth.
  • May your life be as abundant as the Onam feast. Warm Onam wishes from us!
  • May all your aspirations be realized this Onam. Stay joyful!
  • May the Onam spirit be ever-present, even after the celebrations. Warm Onam wishes!
  • Time to adorn your home with Pookalams, enjoy boat races, and feast like royalty! Joyful Onam!
  • Cherish these moments with your loved ones and stay blessed. Have a delightful Onam!
  • Though we’re apart, you remain in my thoughts. Recalling our festive memories. Warm Onam wishes!
  • Adorn your home, spend time with family, and savor the Onam feast. Joyful Onam!
  • Warm Onam wishes!
  • Pookalams, songs, and the Onam feast are the essence of the celebration. May the joy last till next Onam!
  • Wishing you a prosperous Onam. Stay safe and healthy!

The Essence of Onam Wishes

Onam wishes are not just mere words; they carry the essence of the festival, reflecting love, hope, and gratitude. When we wish someone for Onam, we’re essentially sharing our joy and hoping for their prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

Traditional Onam Wishes

Traditionally, Onam wishes are exchanged in the Malayalam language. Here are a few traditional wishes you can use:

  1. “ഓണാശംസകൾ!” (Onāśamsakal) – Happy Onam!
  2. “ഈ ഓണം നിങ്ങളുടെ ജീവിതത്തിൽ സന്തോഷവും സമൃദ്ധിയും കൊണ്ടുവാരട്ടെ!” – May this Onam bring joy and prosperity to your life!

Modern Onam Wishes in English

For those who want to convey their Onam wishes in English, here are some messages that capture the spirit of the festival:

  1. “Wishing you a Happy Onam! May this festival bring happiness, prosperity, and peace to your life.”
  2. “As we celebrate the return of King Mahabali, may your life be filled with all the colors of joy and happiness. Happy Onam!”
  3. “On this auspicious occasion of Onam, I wish you a life filled with abundance, good health, and lasting memories.”

Onam Wishes for the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, Onam wishes have also taken a modern twist. Many people now send Onam greetings through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Animated GIFs, e-cards, and short video messages have become popular ways to convey Onam wishes.


Onam is a festival that transcends boundaries, bringing people together regardless of their religion or background. It’s a time to cherish our traditions, make new memories, and spread love and positivity. As you celebrate this beautiful festival, take a moment to send a heartfelt Onam wish to your loved ones. After all, it’s the wishes and blessings that add a special touch to the festivities.

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