Use Android Lock Pattern for Locking your screen to prevent other people to access your PC. This is Similar to android locking system for mobile, but for mobile it’s using touch screen and for Computer to unlock pattern using mouse. You must have used password for your computer, but now it’s trend to use Pattern to Lock your Computer it’s funny and also safe.

pattern lock for windows 7

Eusing Maze Lock is a software which help you to lock your computer, their are different locking system you can use any one locking system to lock screen and protected your computer. This tool is similar to Android Locking Pattern, You must have used Lock Pattern for your Android Phone. Now you can use Same Android Locking Pattern for your computer to secure unauthorised access to your computer.

Key Features of  Android Pattern Lock For Windows

Pattern based technique to lock your computer

Quick and safe computer lock by mouse click

Auto-lock when computer is idle

Lock the computer when windows startup

Custom lock screens background image

Lock screen transparency

Have 3 built-in patterns: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5


Download Locking Pattern


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