Is Your Computer having Very Low RAM Memory ? Then Today I will be Sharing a Trick to increase your RAM without any extra investment. This will increase the performance of your computer and Speed up your System with faster speed of executing operation. To Use this trick you need to have USB pen drive or flashdrive, which can be used as RAM of your computer.Pendrive_as_RAM

How to use Pendrive as RAM in Windows XP -:

STEP 1:- Connect your pen drive to computer. (pen drive should be at least of 2GB)

STEP 2:-  Now right click on the My computer and Click properties.

STEP 3:-  Click on Advanced Tab ->> Performance.

STEP 4:-  Now click on Advanced and then click on Virtual Memory.

STEP 5:-  Select your pendrive icon and click Custom size.

STEP 6:-  Now view the memory available in your pen drive and click OK.

STEP 7:-  Now Restart your computer  and Enjoy

How to use Pendrive as RAM on Windows 7 -:

STEP 1:- Connect your Pendrive to USB port and format it.

STEP 2:- Right click on your pen drive and click on properties.

STEP 3:- Now Right click on the drive -> Properties -> ReadyBoost-> Use this device

STEP 4:- Choose maximum space around 90% of Pendrive size and  click on OK

Now You have Converted your USB Pendrive into RAM, So that you can access your computer with Increased Speed and Performance.

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