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Free Welcome Offer starts from 5th Sept 2016, you can port in your existing mobile number to Jio. Theirs Huge Rush for Jio Sim and you have to wait for around 2 week to activate your Jio Sim Since their are huge number of Application Pending in Reliance office Hence take my advice instead of buying new Reliance JIO Sim you can easily Port your current Phone Number to Reliance Jio and get all benefits of  free 4G for first 3 months. Reliance Jio is targeting 5 million customers before it officially launched the services nationwide.

How to Port Number to Reliance Jio

STEP 1 : To port in, send PORT Mobile Number to 1900 from your existing number which needs to be ported to Jio.
Example : Type PORT<SPACE>95033***16  and Send it to 1900, You will receive a message with Unique Porting Code.
STEP 2 : Download MyJio app from Play Store and generate offer code.
STEP 3 : Walk in to any of the Reliance Digital, Preferred Jio retailer OR Jio stores with the port out code and your Free Welcome Offer code along with the handset.
STEP 4 : You will need to submit a copy of Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and a photograph for availing your Jio SIM.
Anyone with 4G phone (LTE or VoLTE) of any brand can port in and get FREE HD voice & video, 4G data and access to Jio apps till 31st Dec 2016.


Tricks  to Use Jio 4G on 3G Enable Phone

Many People Don’t have 4G Enable Phone, So Let me tell you small tricks to use JIO 4G on 3G Enable Phone. Port your SIM to JIO 4G and  buy JioFi (MiFi device), insert Jio SIM with your OLD number in it and connect your 3G phone to JioFi. Install and Use Jio Join app for Voice/Video calls and your 3G phone’s WiFi to use 4G data.


How to Activate Reliance JIO 4G Sim

STEP 1 : First of all insert JIO 4G Sim into above mention phone
STEP 2 : After inserting just dial 1977 to activate your sim
STEP 3 : Now Customer Care will pick up the phone and ask you to provide details of the owner of the sim
STEP 4 : Then just give details.
STEP 5 : Finally you will getting message after activation of your sim and you will also get email also.
So just Enjoy


Tricks to Get JIO 4G Sim in All Android Devices

STEP 1 : Download My Jio App
STEP 2 : After downloading just open the app
STEP 3 : And from My jio App just download 10 more apps of jio
STEP 4 : Now fully or completely close my jio app
STEP 5: And then turn off you data or wifi connection
STEP 6 : Now Open My Jio App & inside my jio app just click on open located beside my jio.
STEP 7: There you will see a option to get jio sim
STEP 8 : Now Turn on your data and fill all required details
STEP 9: Finally visit nearest store and show them the barcode
STEP 10: That’s it now you will get jio sim in free.


Tricks to Use Jio 4G Sim in 3G Handset

STEP 1 : Download MTK engineering mode in your device,if you don’t have then download it from here
STEP 2 : After downloading just install engineering app
STEP 3 : Now app and then select MTK settings >> select preferred network option
STEP 4 : Then there you will see list of network there you have to select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM & then you have to reboot your device
STEP 5 : Now enter your jio sim in slot 1 and leave slot 2 as empty
STEP 6 : That’s it now you can enjoy 3G network & you will get 3G speed not 4G


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