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Goa is the smallest state of India and it’s most beautiful place a hot-spot that attracts tourists from India as well as all over the world. But what is it that makes it a ‘must-visit’ tourist destination, 


As a sun-lover I can not get enough of the sunshine and blue skies in southern Goa. IT’S GORGEOUS  Take any corner, any beach… you will always find something to be mesmerised with.
Dudhsagar Falls


Goa festivals are vibrant and full of dance and gaiety. These are the best places which bind all the community members together, where everyone comes together joyously. Their colorful dances such as the fugdi, dhalo etc. The monasteries host many of these festivals and a famous one is the Ganesh Chaturthi. Be it residential or religious, Goan buildings are a delight to behold.
Anath Temple Savio Verem GoaAnath Kruoa


Goa is also known for one of the most popular honeymoon destination. No wonder Goa is also one of India’s most popular honeymoon destinations,Dinner by candlelight, sound of waves makes you happy and beautiful. 
romantic places in goa


As a former Portuguese colony, Goa has several beautiful churches that one must visit. Not only is the architecture breathtaking, but the history and stories would leave you equally spellbound.

old Goa chruch


The Saturday night bazaar in Arpora in northern Goa is a popular destination for any tourist. Spend some hard-earned cash on some great trinkets, clothes and knick-knacks. Wander around for just the feel of the place, if you’re not much of a shopper.
Flea Markets in Goa
Flea Markets in Goa is one of the Most Popular MidNight Market Shopping Place Which attract Most of tourist.


A foodie paradise, Goa is a no-brainer for those who just wish to hog through their entire vacation. From fresh fish fries and Portuguese sausages to port wine and pork vindaloo, savour the best of Goan delicacies from the countless shacks and restaurants peppered across the beaches.
rava fry fish
If you want to know More about Goan Food You can Visit Masalaherb


Yes, I love Drinks. And I love Goa. And I love Soro from Goa Specially Kaju Feni. Simple as that.

kaju feni

All GOANS are Big Fans of Football Specially they have heart for their ISL Football team Forca Goa(FC Goa)

fc goa team 2015

I guess this is something that has to do with Indians in general but I love how outgoing and friendly people are. People in Goa tend to be kind and Helpfull, they just love to chat and give compliments. Some Goan are Hardworking but most of them are susegat. 
goan farmer


Everyone knows of the midnight and full-moon ‘secret’ parties in Goa, and as they say once you’ve been to a Goan party, everything else you will forget. Goa’s many clubs to dance the night away.specially in Morjim, Calangute etc. In December many tourist visit goa for Sunburn event which is one of the biggest Party festival. 
sunburn goa 2015
Last but not the least All Goan Festivals Like Carnival, Shigmotsav, Sao Joao, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepawali, Narkasur, Zatras, St Francis Xavier Feast, Narkasur, Christmas etc. Enjoy Goa Keep Clean Goa and <3 GOA

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