Marriage is a very primitive institution. If you get married, it is almost certain that it will not be a result of your desires and logic, but because of tradition and the expectations of others. How can you possibly expect to be happy for long?

You need to be prepared for disillusionment, sadness, arguments, loneliness, at the very least. In addition, there will be times where you have to forgive insult or offenses of other kinds. You will have to be prepared to accept what you thought you would NEVER tolerate from anyone.

You need to know that your entire life will become a compromise — that you MAY win sometimes and be very happy, but that you will DEFINITELY lose sometimes and be very sad.

Your marriage will almost certainly cause you great pain and worry and anxiety. The chances are EXTREMELY high that you will have an unhappy marriage. The chances are around fifty percent that you WILL get divorced. The chances are very high that you will have serious money problems. So it’s always better to know your partner before getting married so please read this article and ask your self some question which will help you to find correct life partner.

Questions you need to ask each other before getting Married

How many kids would you like to have?

What is your philosophy on raising kids?

How important is religion?

Where do the two of you prioritize friends?

Where do the two of you prioritize family?

Where do the two of you prioritize standing in the community?

Where do the two of you prioritize education?

Where do the two of you prioritize money?

Where do the two of you prioritize cleanliness of your home?

Where do the two of you prioritize your cars?

Where do the two of you prioritize religion?

Where do the two of you prioritize retirement?

What individual goals do the two of you have?

What goals do the two of you have that are opposed to each other?

What family traditions are important to each of you?

What family traditions are important to you that you are willing to sacrifice?

What family traditions are important to you that you are unwilling to sacrifice?

What makes a house a home?

When was the last time you lied to each other?

What friend of yours does your perspective spouse not like?

How much time is too much time to spend at work?

How much debt do you have?

What is your credit rating?

What behavior do you have that drives the other nuts?

How tidy are you?

What stresses you out?

How do you manage stress?

Do either of you smoke?

Do either of you do drugs?

Do either of you drink? how much? Do you envision that changing?

How often does the bathroom need to be cleaned?

Where will we live?

How often do you make your bed?

What are your expectations for your anniversary?

What are your expectations for your birthday day?

What are you shared long term goals

What hobbies are too expensive?

What hobbies are too risky?

What meals are you going to eat together?

What meals are each of you responsible for preparing?

What sacrifice are you willing to make in your career?

What sacrifice are you unwilling to make in your career?

How do the two of you feel about pets?

What medical conditions do each of you have?

Are there any histories of illness in your families?

What is an acceptable level of debt?

What are acceptable expenses to go into debt for?

Things You Should Know before getting married

Before getting married to spend the rest of your life with someone, there are some key things that you should know about that person. Below are a list of eight things that you should discuss before saying ‘I do’.

1. Money: This is one of the most important things to discuss before getting married, because it is the number one reason that people divorce. You and your future life partner need to talk about how you will combine incomes and share expenses. In a marriage, one person is usually responsible for paying the bills each month. The two of you should be aware of the other’s spending habits. You should also talk about how much money will be put into savings, 401 K, retirement and other investments. Definitely talk about your debt and how will you manage this obligation as a couple.

2. Communication: Talk, talk, talk. Communication is the foundation to a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage. Communicate before you get married and after you get married. Never stop communicating about what is important to you. In a marriage, nothing is too large or too small to be talked about.

3. Jobs: Delegate responsibilities and jobs such as paying bills, shopping, walking the dog, cleaning the house. Will one of you stay at home with the children, while the other works?

4. Children: Before getting married, you and your fiance should definitely be on the same page about children. If you want kids, how many? If you can’t have children, this information should definitely be disclosed before you tie the knot. Do you want to adopt, remain childless, use a surrogate or in vitro fertilization? If your spouse has children from another relationship, you should definitely discuss how the children will be parented. You should even talk about your discipline styles. Talking about these things before you get married, will bring you a world of peace down the line.

5. Expectations: Before you get married, talk about where you see your marriage in the short-term and long term future. Also, talk about where you see yourself. Communicating about this early on will help you two work toward fulfilling each other’s expectations in your marriage.

6. Sex: If you are a person who needs sex on a daily basis, your future life partner should know this in advance. If you have expectations in the bedroom, communicate openly about your needs. Not being on the same page about sex in your marriage can open up the door to a lot of hurt.

7. Beliefs: Be open about your religious beliefs. The two of you need to determine if you will attend church as a couple or as a family. You need to talk about the impact that religion will have in the upbringing of your children. Are you willing to compromise your religious beliefs or are you unyielding in your religion.

8. Location: You need to discuss where you will reside after you are married. Do you want to live in another city?

Communicating about these things before your are married will help you build a solid foundation for your marriage, or may help your realize that the person your are marrying may not be right for you.

Here are some Tips for Happy Relationship:

  • Trust
  • Open communication
  • Effective listening
  • Forgiveness
  • Overlooking some faults
  • Focus on the big picture
  • Conflicts are good when managed well
  • Honesty
  • Sharing
  • We / Us / Ours instead of Mine / My

Speak about these topics together before you get married:

  • Habits
  • Goals & Dreams
  • Spiritual thoughts/feelings
  • Expectations for marriage
  • Family life
  • Money plans
  • Careers/Education

A few things you should know:

  1. You’re not always right.
  2. You will soon have a full-time teammate. Treat them as such.
  3. Your partners feelings are more important than your own.
  4. Your marriage can be a fairy tale if you make it that.
  5. God cares about your marriage. Don’t leave Him out of it.
  6. Love can always be there if you allow it.

Disclaimer!  This Article has been created for Educational purpose only.

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