Most of you are going to pay the same or probably more money to Jio compared to your current network provider. I explain you whole business Plan of  Mukesh Ambani.
Their tariff plans may look unbelievably awesome, but they will make more money by giving free voice calls than what the other companies make by charging you for it. In India, the monthly average revenue per user  the current network providers get is around Rs 150 per month. That is the money they get on average from each user. If you spend over Rs 250 per month, you are considered a high value customer. It’s very simple just look at the Reliance JIO 4G traffic plans.


Let me explain you in detail, I would like to ask you one question “Which plan would you choose?” If you are a voice-only kind of person, then you would be okay with the Rs 149 per 28 days plan, as you will get free unlimited voice calls. But, even though you are not explicitly paying for voice, you are already paying over Rs 150 per month, thus their average revenue per user will by default be as good as the current.
If you are someone who uses over Rs 150 worth of voice calls every month then it is a totally awesome plan for you. But, my point is that other telecom companies make about Rs 150 per month on average from each user by charging for voice, SMS, data and roaming. Jio will be making more amount of money on average from each user even after providing SMS, roaming and voice calls for free, by just pricing things differently.
Now, if you are a moderately data using person, which plan would you choose? Did you see that there is no plan in-between the Rs 149 and Rs 499 plans? This is basically a psychological trick to get you into the Rs 499 plan. Many people will compare it with the smaller plan and see that you are getting Unlimited 4G night data and choose atleast the 499 plan. But Unlimited 4G night data usage is only valid for hours in-between 2AM and 5AM Only for 3 hours.


How can Reliance JIO provide unlimited free voice calls?

Jio has an all IP network, so all voice calls will go through the internet just like skype or whatsapp call. There is not really any point in charging for voice anymore.
If hypothetically, Jio had tariff for voice calls, then some company similar to WhatsApp would have launched an app through which you can do free voice call over the internet (infact WhatsApp itself has a voice-call option). Once everyone has a good internet connection, people would anyway use such services to make their calls.

Inside Story of JIO Apps

Most people simply install JIO apps without knowing the inside depth of it, If you do research on those apps you will get surprise.
JioPlay : This App become a TV channel company. This app is something similar to Google Chromecast which provide service directly to TVs. The ability to watch Live TV channels on smartphones is also a cool idea, especially in India. This may become the most used app in rural areas too.
JioOnDemand : This App is similar to Netflix in India. Imagine if those who currently pirate movies had an option to get those movies in HD quality legally for nearly free. It can benefit both the users and the producers.
JioBeats : Legal music. App similar to Spotify in India.
JioMags : Most popular magazines in eBook format.

No-Comments but This will increase the progress rate in India

Companies Like Reliance are the need of India, they have made such bold moves and invest in India which is good for everyone.  Reliance JIO 4G will Improve our quality of life and will also give much needed jobs to millions of people.



  1. Swapnil Narvekar Reply

    Nice Article, Tatya.
    Just one question though… since the voice calls will be routed through as data, this will consume the data right… from the available data pack… So, more you call, lesser data you will have for other uses..
    Am I right in saying that?

    • Yes right but currently they are giving unlimited data free but after 3 months either they will give some extra data for calling or they may utilize it from data pack.

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