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Monthly mobile bill of an average Indian consumer can amount to around Rs. 500/-. While for a little heavy mobile internet user, it could cost around Rs. 1000/ on networks like Airtel, Vodafone etc. Reliance Jio now offers their users Unlimited Free Calls + Unlimited SMS + Free 4G LTE Internet + Unlimited Access to Reliance Jio special Apps till December 31st 2016.


Get 1GB for just ₹50 ?  Can you believe it

This is simple monthly rental plan costs Rs. 149/- for 300MB.
So 1MB should cost around Rs. 0.50/-
We know that 1 GB = 1024 MB. So 1024 x 0.50 = Rs. 512/GB.

Did you know Reliance Jio 1 year = 13 months

Consider postpaid plan Rs. 499/- covering 28 days. Now simple maths again – 28 days x 12 months = 336.
Total number of days in a year = 366 or 365 days.
So (366 or 365) – 336 = 30 or 29 days extra => That’s almost a month.
We have to a pay one Invisible month in excess for no good reason.

Who will be benefited from Night Unlimited data for free

Reliance Jio night data plan is applicable only between 2 to 5 am. Seriously, You call this band of time as Night? Cruelly Strange.
Remember other Telecom operators call 12 – 6 am as night. Will you want to stay awake till 2 in the morning to download some stuff? Definitely No.

Digital India for an Average Indian

Let us consider only plans which cost Rs. 499/- or less because that is the range that most Indian people can afford.
Towards the higher plans with 4G LTE + WiFi Hotspot, the per GB cost is getting less. For example – the per GB price for
Rs. 299/- plan is Rs. 49.83/-
Rs. 499/- plan is Rs. 41.58/-
Rs. 4999/- plan is Rs. 22.21/-
Jio Sim is compatible with only a limited range of  VoLTE-enabled 4G smartphones.. Jio’s voice will work only on such handsets.

Where is this JioNet WiFi hotspot?

Rs 499 plan with 4GB + additional 8GB data provided by JioNet Wi-Fi hotshots + unlimited data offer from 2am to 5 am in the night.
To access this free WiFi, one needs to go to a public JioNet WiFi hotspot and start using the JioFi Net app to get the extra data. If you find no WiFi hotspot closer by, then the extra data ends up serving no purpose.

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Benefits of Using JIO 4G Sim

You will get unlimited 4G Internet Data
You will be also getting Unlimited Call packs
Download Speed upto 50 MBPS
Upload Speed upto 30-35 MBPS

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How to Activate Reliance JIO 4G Sim

  1. First of all Download My Jio App From Playstore
  2. After downloading just open my jio app
  3. Then above Login/Sign up you will see ” Get Jio Sim Offer “
  4. Just click on that
  5. After clicking it will automatically detect your location &  prompt whether it is available or not in your  state/city/village. If its fail you can also write manually or  select your state/city/village
  6. Now they will provide you some terms and conditions of Jio Sim Preview Offer. After reading terms and conditions just click  on ” Agree And Get Jio Offer “
  7. After doing above steps you will get a bar code from My jio app, now click screenshot or they will automatically save in your gallery
  8. Finally you all done
  9. Now remember that you should have address proof like voter id card, aadhar card , driving licence etc to get sim
  10. After completing all above steps just visit nearest jio sim store or company
  11. And show them bar code & whatever they wanted just give them or show them.



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