If You are Having any Important data on your Pendrive and if you connect that pendrive to Infected Computer then all folder will turn to Shortcut. If your Folders get shortcut then none of your Anti-virus can repair those folder or file, So today I will show you how to remove Shortcut Virus From Pen drive.

how to remove pendrive virus

Don’t Format your Pendrive  Just follow the Below Steps and you will recover all your Data. Don’t Use any Software’s like recovery software or any antivirus such as AVG, kaspersky but quick heal may remove your Shortcut virus. If you can’t recover your data through Command prompt then only Use quick heal.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pen drive

STEP 1:- Goto Start >> type Run >> and type CMD

how to open command prompt in windowsSTEP 2:- Now  type   attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.*  and Press Enter.  (F : is my Pendrive Letter)

how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

STEP 3:- Now open your Pendrive and Copy your File on your Computer and Format your Pendrive because this trick is just used to recover your data but it wont remove your virus.

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