Google had made a tribute to Robert Norton Noyce who is the  Co-founder of  fairchild semiconductor and also invented Integrated circuit called IC  on his 84th Birthday with Google Doodle. Robert Noyce was also called as “The Mayor of Silicon Valley” . Our life with advance technology is just successful because of IC without IC no gadget or any electronics devices can work .It’s just like a human being without heart .

Robert Noyce was born on December 12, 1927 . At the age of  5th he always is to sulked  with his mother  “If you’re going to play, play to win! and at the age of  12 he created  boy-sized aircraft with his brother and also build a radio from scratch. This shows the intelligent of the Robert  . Noyce is the holder of many honors and awards . President Ronald awarded him National Medal  Of  Technology

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