Rooting an Android Phone is Similar to “Jail Breaking” an Apple iPhone or Unlocking Windows Smartphone. Rooting Basically refers to gaining access to Root User, Gaining access  to command Prompt. Before Rooting  User is unable to get access to Command Prompt or terminal. Rooting an Android device allows you to Run Low-level Task. Rooting an Android Phone gives you freedom for Installing and Uninstalling any Application. The Biggest drawback of  Rooting an Android device is to lose the warranty that they get from their Device Manufacturer.

When you  root your Android device you get full access to Admin rights and entire file system of android Device. You can fully Customize your android device, create full back up of your device and whatever you want, Android would not restrict you.

Advantages of  Rooting an Android Device

  • Installing Custom ROMS, Themes and Mods. This is a main reason why most of android Root thier Phone.
  • Install any Game or Application which are basically Blocked by Android.
  • Backup all data such as SMS, Apps and other Important Data.
  • Control Power Consumption by Under-clocking the Processor.
  • Ability to remove Bloatware which is a software which as Lots of features and Uses Lots of  Disk Space and RAM.

Disadvantages of  Rooting an Android Device

Lose of Warranty

Once you have Rooted your Android device the main thing you will be losing will be your Manufacturing  User-Warranty, Which will grant privilege to user that any damage Cause to your Device will be repair for free of cost within the Limited Period such as for 1 year.

If you won’t feel bad of losing Warranty then you should Root your Android Device to enjoy all Admin privileges. My advice is to wait till the Warranty is over then rooting Android Device Because know one knows what will happen the next day and Company will not take any action once your device is Rooted since their privileges would be controlled by You. If something Breaks or some functions are not working then you have to pay full price for repair.

Risk of Bricking

One of the Most Dangerous Risk in Rooting Android Device, If the Rooting Process Failed while Installing or due to some other reasons, you may permanently Brick your Android device. “Brick” is a Condition where in your Android Device would be Inoperative due to the OS have been Destroyed. Rendering it unusable for anything other then Brick. Hence your Android Device would be useless.

Loss Of  Battery

The Functionality Which has been Disabled would Start Running on your Android Device After Rooting it. Hence Running Apps would be using Battery to Run their Processes. This Will cause your Device to run down faster than Normal.

NOTE :-  Once you Root your Android Device, You Can’t Go Back. It is very difficult to go back and Reset your Device to Factory Setting.

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