Secret About Women Most Men Don’t Understand, It’s often said that the best way to get a girl to like you is to make her feel good about herself.

But you see this might be true to a certain extent but if this is the case then how come those nice guys who always try to make the girl feel good about herself never get girls?

It is because just like anyone else those guys don’t understand the real truth behind the core female psychology. What I am about to share with you might be a bit hard to believe but this is the secret most men don’t really understand about women.

The best way to get a girl addicted to you is to make her experience a full range of emotions which goes beyond just making her feel good about herself. This includes pain and pleasure at the same time.

Pleasure alone won’t keep her satisfied for too long. They want to experience other emotions as well.

This is the major reason why so many women are into TV Soaps, which have a big element of drama.

Women in fact want drama in their life…And are strongly attracted to men who know how to trigger it.

Do you eat the same dish every single day? If no why not?

Well I am guessing for the simple reason that after a while, you get used to the taste and then it’s not fun anymore. Similarly making a woman experience only one emotion on a daily basis is like feeding her the same dish over and over again.

Eventually she will get bored of it.

Let’s consider an example here-

Why is it that females can’t help but feel attraction towards guys who tend to have a bad boy attitude? Although they know that these guys aren’t trustworthy in the long term and will eventually hurt them.

Another example would be of a wife whose husband keeps on cheating on her over and over again yet she lets him back into her life every single time. Why is she doing that when she already knows it’s harmful?

Well simply because the element of drama is extremely high in the above two cases. As long as a woman gets to experience a whole range of emotions, she can’t help but feel attracted.
A great way to give her a full range of emotions is to include unpredictability, uncertainty and a bit of mystery in your personality.

As long as she can’t figure you out, Isn’t sure about what your next move is going to be and is always looking to find out more and more about your life. You will be feeding her with all the vital elements of perfect drama she is looking for.

This is the main reason why it’s ok to argue with her once in a while and make her mad over something. Don’t be scared to make her cry once in a while…I know this can sound a bit hard to believe but trust me. They want a full range of emotions.

You must keep her confused and insecure…And as long as she remains confused around you…You will always be a puzzle she hasn’t solved yet. Because of which she will always feel attraction towards you.

Never tell her that you are into her or like her…A lot of guys think that girls want to know the way you feel towards them but it’s better not to reveal it to her unless you are about to married to her.
As long as she doesn’t know the way you truly feel about her…You will always come across as highly unpredictable which will trigger a full range of emotions in her head.

It’s okay to show attention but it’s important to avoid her once in a while. Never let her know completely that you like her and at the same time don’t give any indications that you don’t like her. Keep it in the middle.

Start acting busy for a few days…And avoid meetings or talking on the phone. When she asks why you have not been talking to her… Don’t tell her anything.

Just change the subject and move on to something else. This is where she will start guessing and the whole drama scene would start.

Why do you think women go around talking to their girlfriends regarding guys who are hard to figure out? Why do they always try to break down a guy’s actions trying to figure out whether he likes the them or not?

It’s simply because…This is what women enjoy…And if you can be the guy who can give them a full range of emotions, they will be devoted to you for life.

The key here is not to be consistent with your actions…It’s all about showing her that Sometimes you can be good. Other times you can be bad.

Sometimes you show loads of attention. Other times you act as if you don’t even know her.

Sometimes you are straightforward. Other times you are highly confusing.

Sometimes you are easy. Other times you are just too hard to handle.

Sometimes you care a lot. Other times you act indifferent.

Sometimes you answer her phone calls right away. Other times you don’t answer it for days.

Don’t give her enough feedback to figure you out. And as long as she can’t figure you out…You will remain on top of her priority list.

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