Google plus has hit facebook and also Web due to some Unique features and best user interface . Google plus has attracted lots of facebook users due to the features like Hangout etc.Most Important feature about Google plus  is that it don’t allow you to post status on your friends profile . Google plus allow to send private messages to your friend Using Visibility feature .

How to send private messages to your friend

  • Type message which you want to send privately to your friend in Stream
  • Close all circles which are open for share and Visibility entries  for Visibility Box.

  • Now ADD your Friends Name in Visibility Box Like +your friend name. (Example: +Roger)

Google Plus will suggest you related friends with your friend name.Now select desired friend to whom you want to send your private message and Hit Share. Now your friend will get notification about your private message and Since you have restricted Visibility no other friends will be able to read your private message accept your selected friend.

Thus, You have successfully send private message on Google Plus  using Visibility feature. Google Plus have great features Like Hangout,Games and support GIF Photo support.  Google Plus has improved their privacy and Security.You can share your status with limited friends like family or Friends.  Hence you can send private or direct message to your friends using Google Plus.


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