SEO Strategies and techniques Will help you to grow your Online Business to get Huge Traffic to your Company. So if you want to grow your Online Business you need to follow SEO Strategies and techniques which are given below. So Don’t waste your time Learn SEO and Increase your traffic and get higher Ranked on Search Engine.

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Top 5 SEO Strategies and techniques

#1. Get Quality Links

• Create authoritative content people want to read & share
• Examine competitor backlinks
• Post as a guest on high ranking sites
• Network in social media
• Reclaim Your Brand and Get Linked

#2. Google Authorship

• Influences page rank
• Google+ profiles for all your authors
• Authors claim their authorship

#3. Set a Canonical URL

• “Canonical” = the one best URL
• Tells search engines which page is preferred in case of duplicates Links
• Consolidates the power of a page
• Permanently redirects 301 to canonical

#4. Microdata and Schema

• HTML tags tell Search engine : What the page is about
• Richer search result
• Better search rankings

#5. Responsive Design

• Web pages alter their appearance according to device
• Single HTML code for the page serves desktop & mobile
• Easier for users to interact with website and can share link

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