SEO Tips and Tricks : In SEO their are two main Concept, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. So today we will discuss about  on-page SEO factors. On Page SEO is the Primary Factor because Each Post is Consider as a Web Page  So On Page SEO should be Strong and Off Page SEO is common to all the Pages in your Blog.

Improve SEO Ranking

In ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS their are main 5 Factors  that influence search engine ranking.


The first attribute that shows up in search results for your website. It should be unique for every page.

  • Focus on 2-3 keywords on Each Page
  • Maximum 70 characters 
  • Example:  Indian Foods – indian spicy food 


This sentence actually describes the topic of the page to both search engines and users.

  • Include two keywords
  • Maximum 160 characters
  • Example:  Indian  food –  Find the best tasty indian food near you Search ratings and reviews for indian food


Most Popular Unique keywords that are assigned to each particular page of your Blog and these words should be included in your Blog Post Content.

  • Maximum of 5 words
  • Don’t Include any Space 
  • Example: Cooking, Indian Foods, indian spicy food etc

4. H1 TAGS

H1 is the largest HTML heading Tag, which Specify the Importance of Keywords in your Blog.

  • Use H1 Tag for primary keyword in Your Post
  • Use only once per page 
  • Example : <h1>Indian Foods</h1> on the Web Page


It Provides an alternative text for an image, ALT Tags are invisible descriptions of images.

  • Placed on every image, match for primary keyword in an Image
  • Example: <img src=”URL.png” alt=”Indian Food”>

10 Ways To Improve SEO Ranking


10. Conduct a Full Site Audit to determine issues 

9. Write for your Readers, Not for Search Engines

8. Improve your on-page optimization which is Explained above. 

7. Create effective Title tags for your Target Keywords 

<title>Target Keywords </title>

6. Consistently add new and relevant content to your site

5. Utilize social sharing network to share your content on your Social Networking Website Account. 

4. Avoid low quality links sites on your Website

3. Increase Backlinks through Commenting on other Blogs.

2. Insert Primary Keywords on your URL Link

1. Add New Content to Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon 

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