Today we will discuss about File sharing between Macs and Windows 7. Basically I am Using Desktop PC which is Booted with Windows 7 OS and Laptop MacBook Air with Mac OS X and a Router to connect Internet with WiFi. It’s very easy for Windows user to share their files with a Mac User. On Mac Desktop it will look like a Pendrive or any storage Device connected to Both the System, Folder will be shared by both system and User can access all the files from the folder.

How To Share a folder in Windows 7 and Mac

STEP 1 :- In Windows Go to Control Panel >>User Account and Add Password to your account.

STEP 2 :-  Now On Desktop Create a Folder and Right Click on it >>Go to Properties >> Second Tab Sharing Option>> Advance Sharing >>Check Box Share this Folder.


STEP 3 :- Go to System Preferences >> Sharing >>Click on File SharingScreen Shot 2013-07-23 at 4.53.25 PM

STEP 4 :- Now Open Your Mac OS >> Click on Go >> Connect to Server. or Directly Press Command + k


STEP 5:- Now Click on Browse or add server address such as smb://acer-pc or smb://  (Your address would be different)connect_mac_server

STEP 6:- Done Now you Windows 7 and MacBook is being Successfully connected, now you can easily Share your Files.

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