Apple introduced Siri app which is intelligent software assistant and knowledge navigator which helps to personal assist. This app capture your voice with natural  language user interface to answer questions and perform action.


Now android had also introduced an app like Siri called Iris. You can ask Iris on any topic like stock, Weather or any off topic Iris will answer it. It just like chatting with your device when you get bored or need any suggestion for any query . To use Iris your device must be enable with “Voice search ” and “TTS Library ” . Most of the devices have these pre-installed if not please download it from Android market.


Some statement most frequently used in Siri (Apple) or Iris (Android)

  • Call someone  “can you please call tatya 
  • Text someone “send a text to roger
  • Play music “play the song rolling in the deep
  • Search nearby “find me a nearby tato cafe
  • Ask movie reviews “should I watch the movie don 2
  • Weather review “what weather now ” or “should i take my umbrella

[Download Iris]

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