Most of the Users Complain with their computer says ” My computer runs slowly that’s why i am not using it ” and they live it there are many reasons beyond it and can be solved easily. Majority of users suffers from infected PC like Viruses, Malware, Spyware etc. So we can easily prevent it from any Anti-viruses or by deleting Viruses if they are already present in your computer .The most I prefer to have Anti-Virus is AVG if you have Internet Connection otherwise Avira or avast. Please don’t repair Virus always Delete them because they may activate at any time because you are using free software In case Anti-Virus is paid one then it’s ok or some important file which you need.

Defragmentation And Cleaning Disk

Memory is fragmented after long period of time and hence required Defragmentation so this unused memory should be made free  there are many free tools for Defragmentation or windows pc has inbuilt Defragment software. Disk may contain Lot’s of data like Movies, games, photos and documents,this data may not used for long period of time.This may slowdown your computer Hence cleaning Disk is main task which removes unused data and release memory which can be used for other purpose.

Uninstalling Unwanted Program 

There are Lots of software’s that does’t mean that we should use all this software Using lot’s of software program uses lots of RAM and this may slow down your computer.If you are not using that program then you should Uninstall those program. Always remove your temp files, cache and clear your history.

Don’t Use Themes

Many of  us goes for best look not on performance of your computer using many themes like Linux, Mac OS , alien etc which slowdown your computer . If you have downloaded any of this program then please uninstall then uses lot’s of memory and RAM.

Stop Unwanted Startup Program

Whenever we Install any type of software most of them have by default start when computer start but some program ask admin whether to start when computer start or not. Mostly don’t select if that program is necessary for you then it’s ok otherwise don’t select. More startup program more time it will take to start. Hence most of the users says “My computer starts slowly“.

Repair Your Operating System

Please try this Method in case your computer takes long time to start or stuck in between means Hang. Using your operating system CD you can repair your operating system this will remove all programs and repair any missing operating system files. Some files may get corrupted or eaten by viruses (Deleted) then this files are reinstalled in system.

Use Only One

Several Users are habituated to install more then one software which has same functions like two anti-virus or two browsers etc .User think if I use two antivirus then viruses will be removed faster……friends don’t use too many software which will effect your performance. It is advisable to install only one Anti-virus (AVG) and One Browser (Google Chrome) .

Optimize Your Computer

There are many free software which maintain your computer to protect, repair and optimize your system.Increase your RAM and add some external hard disk so that you can store lots of data.Increasing the capacity of computer operational Memory will increase speed of computer. Some operating system support  USB can be used for RAM booster.Remove dust accumulated on fans of processor and cooler.

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