Whenever You Install any New Application Program it will have By default Option to Load it on start Up. Some programs are rarely Used but they will start in start up Using Start up time and Hence windows will take Some time to Load Desktop. Only essential Program are to be run on start up  otherwise your Windows will take time to load. 

Windows Operating System has Pre-Installed System Configuration Utility called MSCONFIG. It is Used to Disable a Program which unnecessarily load automatically at Windows start-up.

NOTE:- Please Don’t change settings of Boot Tab unless and until you are expert in it.

Steps to Open  MSCONFIG

Goto Start and then click Run. In the Run dialog box that appears, in the textbox, type MSCONFIG and then click OK. Now System Configuration will be opened and click on Startup Tab.

Now Select Program Which you want to disable at Startup and Uncheck it. Click Apply and OK.

Once Programs are disable from startup, click on the OK button in the System Configuration. The Windows will ask you to restart the computer so that the changes could take effect.  Click on Restart button. Your computer will restart and after restart Windows will inform you that you have made modifications in the System Configuration, asking you to revert back to the normal startup again. If you are satisfy with your startup Click OK otherwise revert it to your Normal State. This will Increase your System Performance and will consume less RAM memory.

NOTE:- Please don’t Install Too many software which decrease your system performance.

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