State vs Amrit Kumar is a story of honest and aggressive Police Officer who is driven by a desire to rid society of criminals. His virtuous campaign is impeded when he is charged with the murder of a man he tried to arrest. Harvard-educated lawyer Sukumar pleads Amrit’s bail, and learns interesting details about Amrit’s family and friends. Sukumar also contests the Amrit’s friend Ajay’s case, and here an abundance of wealth works like a poison in the absence of values.
Set in the fictional town of Rajapur, the novel tells the story of two generations from 1990 to 2016. There are situations where the villains disguise themselves as innocent and virtuous individuals to take advantage of the unsuspecting nature of credulous people. Advocate Sukumar frequently quotes from ‘Hitopadesh’ to emphasize the importance of being careful to avoid being deceived by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Will he be able to swing a verdict in Amrit’s favour?
The novel also raises an important issue on the accountability of Police. Are the honest Police Officers justified in over stepping the boundaries of law for good reasons?

State vs Amrit Kumar is a story of a police officer Amrit Kumar who is held responsible for a crime. He has been honest throughout the years of his service. He has been framed by the corrupt people. Will lawyer Sukumar be successful in helping Amrit Kumar win this battle that life has thrown against him?

State vs Amrit Kumar A novel
State vs Amrit Kumar A novel

State vs Amrit Kumar is garnering  good reviews from readers. Here are some of them!

I was excited to receive a message from the author informing me about his second book and asking whether I was interested in reviewing the same. What attracted me specifically was its title “State vs Amrit Kumar” which gave me an idea it would probably be a case diary of a judicial battle which is likely to include the police investigation procedure which is something of my interest and so my answer was a big yes.

Now coming back to the book, the plot starts with a diary entry of Advocate Sukumar, a leading criminal defense lawyer who initially shares his approach in studying a case and also his strengths which gained him an above 95% success rate. Adv. Sukumar then shares insights about a case of Amrit Kumar, one of the protagonists, an honest but aggressive police officer who strives to make the society crime free but is falsely charged with a murder case. Adv. Sukumar tries studying the case by learning about Amrit’s past introducing many key characters like how Amrit’s father met Madhu, their marriage etc. and as the story builds up intricate details are revealed at various stages that may help the advocate free Amrit Kumar from the case. Will Amrit be acquitted of the murder charges by Adv. Sukumar or will judicial system fail and Amrit be punished as planned by his adversaries is for you to find out!

The plot is set in a fictional town of Rajapur tells the story about two generations giving the plot two different chronological phases making the reader glued to the elaborate storyline. The characters in this plot are well developed and feel authentic. It also portrays how the innocent and god fearing people are often taken advantage due to their unsuspecting nature. I also enjoyed the use of beautiful quotes from Hitopadesh which was apt to the situation and the illustration in page 142 further elevated its influence on the reader. This clearly exhibits how Dr.Govind Sharma as an author has matured when compared to his debut work Anant Dot Com where his attempts to share the teachings from Ramcharitmanas felt more as a distraction.

Overall, State vs Amrit Kumar is a perfect blend of fiction and moral values with an elaborate plot that succeeds the reader glued to the storyline even when it tells the story of two generations along with the well developed and authentic characters making this book one excellent read. Also, the pertinent use of the beautiful quotes from Hitopadesh further elevates the book to another level. Excited to get my hands on his next book. Highly recommended.

After taking a long break from reading when I finally returned back to it, I picked up the book written by the debutante, Dr. Govind Sharma IAS (RETD), named “State vs Amrit Kumar”. Seeing that the book is of about 150 pages only, I had doubts if it would have covered anything substantial in the name of the story which can create any kind of effect on the reader, but the experience of reading this one turned out to be great because of the depth in which author have covered the whole story. Right from the first page, author keeps you intrigued regarding what will finally happen with Mr. Amrit Kumar, the protagonist of this story. You want to know why is the lawyer fighting his case when he is the Hero of the story and could not have done anything wrong.

The book starts with introduction of too many characters which is the only drawback I found in this story. Remembering too many characters and their relation with each other made things very complex for the reader. But the characters have really managed to give depth to the background of the story that author have managed to cover in the first half of the book. The way author have built up the story wins the reader’s heart. At a point when we come to know that Amrit Kumar have just taken his birth in the story, it comes as a surprise that the whole story is going to take us to the next generation all together. And the way dots are connected in the 2nd half by letting each other’s children meet among themselves etc, gives story the much needed boost.

The characterization of Amrit Kumar is nicely done and the way he fights against the corrupt without worrying about the law and the instructions from his seniors makes you another fan of his. Author have also tried to justify up to what level can a police officer go to help the society and people. Even though the character’s mindset is rightly defined according to a horrific incident he experienced as a child, author haven’t proved everything done by him as a right revenge against corrupts. The politics, lust, love, belonging-ness, motherly love, corruption etc. are very well covered by the writer. The story had so many dimensions that I felt I only got to read the synopsis in 150 pages. Author could have easily stretched this story and explained things more descriptively by writing it in 350-400 pages. I will give this book 3.75* out of 5.

The novel is very good and impressive. the length of book is neither very short nor very long. You will love to read the book and will feel good after reading as it is really very good novel.

The book cover is same as given in image of book. the quality of cover is very good. The printing of the book is very good, clear and neat. This is the most important part of the novel. The story have so many characters that is some matter i have to look back about that special character. The story is long which start from very far behind when the main character AMRIT was born. The story is very likable. There are many-many instances which happens in the story which makes the story very good. There is a lot of suspense is included in the book. It give some big suspense in the later part which is very impressive.

The story is about a police officer who got arrested and the author is a lawyer who is taking his case and got to know about his past . The story starts from a college campus with a group of friends having many characters and widely open the story further. The story starts from far behind the present situation.

Reading about court proceedings have always enthralled me. State vs Amrit Kumar is an amazing story that will leave you spellbound. It has realism which is found missing in novels now-a-days. It has all elements that will make a good movie.
The story is set in a fictional town of Rajapur. It is divided into parts. The first impression when I started reading this story was a confusing one. I didn’t know where the story was taking me. Over time, I was cleared of my confusion and I realised the essence of the story. As the story is divided into parts, the narration is done in third as well as first person narrative. The language is lucid and simple. The fluent narration and a compact storyline keeps the reader hooked onto this story. This novel is fast-paced and the readers will never feel bored at any point of time, throughout the read.
The story is not buttered up with those filmy court scenes. There is realism, something I adore this novel for.
I liked the way the author has talked about the research the lawyer does in order to have a clear picture of Amrit’s background.
I liked the quotings from Hitopadesh. They seemed like cherries on the cake.

A classic book on how honest officers get framed despite their sincere attempt to clean up the system by eliminating the criminals. Dr Sharma has used all his experience having served the Indian Govt as a Civil Servant which is clearly evident in this book.

The story begins with Madhu approaching Advocate Sukumar who has an impressive record of more than 95% success rate in his appearance to save her son Police Officer Amrit who has been fabricated in a case with false evidence. Adv Sukumar charged Rs,25 Lakhs per appearance which was too expensive for Madhu to bear but found the backing of an NGO based in Switzerland.

A thorough investigation by Adv Sukumar reveals the background of Madhu who got married to Upendra despite defeating him in the college election. They gave birth to Amrit and when he was just 2 years old, Upendra gets fabricated with false allegations and was sentenced to jail where he gets killed.

Madhu and Amrit now finds shelter from Jayant who is none other than Madhu’s brother who was a Police Officer himself. He later gets promoted as an ACP. When he tries to halt some illegal activities, he gets killed as well. Amrit was just 6 years old then and he witnesses the brutal murder.

Amrit vows to become a Police Officer despite having the intelligence of either becoming a Doctor or an IAS Officer. The people who were responsible for the death of his father and uncle comes back to haunt him as well. How did he deal with them and why does an NGO from Switzerland has paid fees to Adv Sukumar to appear for Amrit is the story.

Some of the characters which played a vital role in shaping of the story includes Sohan, Aditya, Smita, Shobha, Nisha, Sandy,Adarsh,Aman,Chaddha, Kakosa,Ajay.

The story has made all the above mentioned characters live in front of my eyes till it ended which shows how meticulously the story has been penned by the author. A great read, I must say.

Once u take this book in hand you will not stop reading you reach till the very end. The best part is that this story in short, precise and to the point. Author does not like to beat around the bush he just narrated the story to the point which I liked in both his book. while reading this book it felt like watching a movie all characters come in reality. The way the characters are disclosed are good. When the author introduces the character he explains his behavior and intentions. In this book each character behaves the way he is grown. Like Upendra a main pandit in the temple and being religious and his son Amrit also religious. Sohan bade baap ka bigda aulad(Rich fathers spoilt son) similarly Ajay to follows. Overall this book teaches us what goes around comes around. it’s again a GOODREAD…

When a novel has such good reviews, don’t you think you too should read it? Buy your copy on Amazon today.

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