Now a days Everyone has his/her Smartphones and we say their Life is only for 2-3 years but if we take care of our Phone Properly then it may last for 1 year more. Have you ever Seen your Cell and your Father Cell, I Beat your father cell would be in good condition then yours. So we should take proper care and attention on our Smartphone. smartphone
Smartphone is the perfect utility device which satisfy all your needs, Such as it will act as a Music Player when you are Travelling, When you feel bored you can play games, You can also Chat and make Timepass and also act as a Normal cell Phone Wherein you can make call and receive call. Whichever Many Be your smartphone Model, Care Should be taken. Here are Some of the essential tips to Protect your Smartphone with Proper care.

Always Use Screen Guard

Most of the Smartphones are Touch screen Phones Hence it may cause scratches on your Screen which will damage your screen. Hence always use screen protector scratch proof cover on Screen. Hence This will protect your screen.

Install Good Anti Virus Software

Smartphones comes with Internet wherein you can Use Internet for Browsing, Downloading etc. So there are chances of getting your Smartphone Infected. Hence it’s always good to protect your smartphone and will scan all your Data and will keep safe. There are many free Antivirus for Smartphones Such AVG, Quick Heal etc.

Increase Battery Life

Most of the Smartphone users complain about their Battery Life which is very Low. Never Allow your Smartphone to drained completely, This may affect your Battery Life. Once Your Charging is full remove your Charger. Don’t use Speaker and Internet for Long period of time it will decrease your Battery.

Turn off the applications which are not in use

There are many application Installed on your Smartphone and Some Inbuilt Application such as Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth etc which should be turn On only when Needed otherwise it will be Using your Battery as well as Processor to slow down your Mobile Phone.

NOTE :- Always Keep your Smartphone in cool and Dry environment so that it’s free from Moisture. Away from Heat, Water and Chemicals.

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