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Whatsapp Games Messages : Today I will be posting about some of the dare Games question for Whatsapp and facebook so that you can use this question with your boyfriend/ Girlfriend or with your friends to reveal their secretes and test their IQ Levels. So here are some of the Top 10 Whatsapp Games to Play with your Friends with answers, so you don’t have to worry about answers.

whatsapp games puzzles

Whatsapp Games 1

Que -: Agar ek din har baat ke liye mera javab (yes) ho to aap mujhse kya maangoge..? sabko send karo or dekho aapke friends aapse kya maangte hai…..but first reply me….. I m waiting.
No cheating you have to send this to 10 people boy or girl, even me & see what 5 things they want from you.
1= A date
2= A kiss
3= Care taker
4= Love
5= Hug
6= Texting
7= Just Friends
8= Best Friends
9= Money
10= Talking on the phone
11= Good memories
12= To chill
13= Credits and flex
14= Have a drink
15= Have a party with
16= To dance together
17= Another chance
18= Watch movie
19= An apology
20= A trip with me
21= Runaway together
22= Buddies
23= Girlfriend
24= Boyfriend
25= Lover
26= Share memories
27= Wash my clothes
28= Crack jokes
29= Listen to music
30= Take a bath with
31= A short relationship
32= A real relationship
33= Share Secrets
34= Friend’s with
35= Marry me
If you don’t send this to 10 people in the next 10 mins you will have bad luck in relationships in the next 8 years. Your time starts now..

Whatsapp Games 2

U have 12hrs. Send dis to 20 ppl.(including me)
U’ll be Happy forever.
Don’t Neglect.
Today ur loved person will cal…
Send this to ur frens n colleagues n c wat number they send to u showing how they feel about you!!!!
0 – u r irritating
1 – I once had a crush on u
2 – u r sexy..
3 – u r cute
4 – u r my frnd but I wish v were more
5 – I like u
6 – I love u…
7 – I want 2 marry u
8 – u’re my sweet heart
9 – u’re crazy as hell ….
10 – you’re stylish…
11 – you’re caring
12 – you’re one of a kind
13 – you’re amazingly hot ….
14 – you’re not bad..
15 – you’re my best friend
16 – you’re a good friend
17 – i want to kill you ….
18 – wat would I do without u? ..
19 – I tolerate you
20 – you’re too sweet for words ..
21 – I wish you were my lover
22 – u’re just a colleague..
23 – u’re my role model ..
24 – u’re a naughty one ..
25 – u’re beautiful /handsome ..
26 – I want to kiss u ..
27 – I wan 2 b ur boyfrnd / galfren..
28 – I wan 2 hav u vry close 2 me..
29 – I always feel like talkin to u
30 – u dont like me at all ..
Rply me?

Whatsapp Games 3

Select any 1 smartphone Company ,
Aur hum batayenge apka jeevansathi kaisa hoga
Answer :-
LG= Timepass
Sony= Caring
Nokia= True Luv
Samsung= Romantic
Apple= Handsome
Lenovo= Chocolaty
Motorola= Stupid
Blackberry= Naughty
Micromax= Gud Looking

Whatsapp Games 4

Choose An Option, And I will tell you what type of person you are.
-Face Wash
-Pink Dress
-Soft Music
-Cute Baby
-Rainy Day
Answer :-
-Face Wash : Dramy Baaz
-Pizza : Hot
-Mobile : A Perfect Personality
-Pink Dress : Very Romantic
-Soft Music : Flirty
-Cute Baby : So Innocent
-Rainy Day : You Love Someone

Whatsapp Games 5

Puzzle Time challenge
solve this Puzzle if you are Genius…
Its a 5 digit number where…
1st digit denotes how many zeroes are there in the number
2nd digit denotes how many ones are there in the number
3rd digit denotes how many twos are there in the number
4th digit denotes how many threes are there in the number
5th digit denotes how many fours are there in the number
Can you guess the number?


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