Apple iPad is one of the Most popular Device from Apple, Apple Products are sold in such a tremendous way, Just because once user buys any apple product he will become geek for apple specially Myself. Im very mush Geek for Apple want to buy each and every product of apple. Apple Products are Popular for their great design, Fast Processor and camera Quality. ipad mini

Must Have Apps For Apple iPad

There are Over 65,000 free iPad apps available in Apple store. So there will be great confusion among the people about selecting the application. Always select application on basis of rating and most downloaded. So here are some of list of Apps for iPad which will increase your productivity and social presence.


Apple store has an iBook store which contain all books some books are free whereas some are paid this books are on cloud so you can read them whenever you want.

iRead PDF

iRead makes it easier to read PDF in a portrait view with pinch-in and pinch-out capabilities in the iPad. Now a days all books and Work documents are available in PDF Format.

Reuters News

It’s free to read the latest International news. Best part of this app is it directly specific news which we want to read and be more productive. You can easily find news in which you have interest such as technology, politics and so on.


FB is one of the most popular social network where you will be getting connected to your friend. Facebook is an part of life style to keep you connected with your friends and relatives.


LinkedIn account keeps track of business, where business is concerned you have to keep track on you Linkedin account.

Top free Apps for iPad

Skype, Yahoo IM, MS Live
DocViewer HD
Paperdesk Lite
TextFree Unlimited
Free Translator
Free App Tracker

More Tips and tricks for iPad

Above we have discuss about apps and enhancing your ipad with some usefull application. There are Hugh amount of  application in apple store but only some are useful.Now we will discuss about some important features of iPad and how can we make it useful.

Jailbreak your iPad

how to jailbreak ipadJailbreak of an iPad will add some extra features to your iPad which are not included by apple company. Jailbreak enables you to run third party apps, where in you can install any app on your iPad such as some paid App for free. which is the best advantage of  Jailbreak your iPad. Jailbreak allows you to do all those things which are being restricted by apple such as reading data from iPad directly through USB, and experience lots more features after jailbreak.

Basically Apple has started iPad for educational purpose but they eventually became entertainment hub such as music,movies, pictures and much more. iPad are best way to read and store ebooks, and also has long battery life and cool design.

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