Prey keeps track of your laptop, phone and tablet whenever missing or stolen. Prey is an open-source software that lets you track your stolen laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Now Just add all your devices Like your Mobile, Desktop, Laptop or Tablet and track their Location.

Trace Stolen Laptop

How to Trace Stolen Laptop With Prey

STEP 1:-  Download Prey Software and install it on your Computer.

Download Prey Software for Windows

Download Prey Software for Mac

Download Prey Software for Android

STEP 2:-  Once installation is done, you need to configure its settings.

STEP 3:- Now Select Setup Prey Account if you are doing it first time otherwise you can Manage your Account.

prey software

STEP 4:- Select New User if you have not Created any ID otherwise you can click on existing Users.

prey software

STEP 5:- Now you need to sign up with them and enter your login credentials.

prey softwareSTEP 6:- Click on Create and Verify your Email Id by Clicking on Link.

prey softwareSTEP 7:- Now you have successfully added your device to prey

prey software

STEP 8:- Finally, it will mention that the device is set up has being tracked

Now Open your Browser and Track your Device

STEP 9:- Now visit and login with your details.

use prey software

STEP 10:- You should find your device listed, Now Click on the name to check the options.

track your laptop

STEP 9:- Now do the desire settings like gathering Information and Actions to perform like alarm and Locking your computer.

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