Getting Bored to see same Windows7 screen here is new Android Icecream Sandwich Theme which will change all your icons and you PC will be looking like a Professional PC and Geek about Android. Now a days Android is increasing like a wildfire in market and  Android Icecream Sandwich is the latest version of Android. If you are Android fan like me then I am sure you will Install this Android Icecream Sandwich Tranformation Pack to your Desktop.

Download Android Icecream Sandwich

To Run  Android Icecream Sandwich Theme your Operating System should be Windows7 or  Windows7 SP1. If you are Running with  Windows7 Starter or Home Basic then you have download Patch to Unlock Aero Effect .

Download Patch for Windows7 Starter or Home Basic

If you don’t want to Install just want Icons then you can Download Android Icecream Sandwich Icon Pack.

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