Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google which is one of Most popular browser for its flexibility and simplicity. Google Chrome is one of the fastest Browser among all other Browser but due to your requirements and PC hardware which may slow down your browsing experience. Hence Google Chrome allow you to Modify and can Run smoothly in any environment. 

1. Set High Priority

To Open Task Manager Press “Alt+Ctrl+Delete” together, Now go to Processes and Right Click on Chrome.exe and Set Priority High . By doing this Chrome will get Highest Priority and whatever you request for Chrome it will be executed first because you have set it to High. 

2. Enable Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPU is Used to show Graphics designs to Users hence to load this it takes Lot’s of time and  we say it has Slow down. After enabling, browser will be accelerate GPU signals on pages.  Open New Tab Go to address Bar and type “chrome://flags/”  and Click Enter. Enable GPU composting on all pages and GPU accelerated SVG and CSS filters.

3.  Chrome Settings

Google Chrome  Settings are Most Useful, not only you can get extra Speed you can  Speed up your Internet Connection.

Basics Settings :- Enable Instant for faster searching“, enable it. By which you will be able to search any Information more Quickly then earlier.

Personal Stuff  Settings :- Sign in” Connect it if you need to sync your bookmarks, extensions, themes etc.  and other personal details like Saving Passwords, Adding Users and Importing Browsing Data.

Under the Hood Settings :-  Under Privacy –> Un-tick on Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors.

Extensions Settings :-  Check if your Chrome is in Developer Mode, If yes then Disable it.

4. Clear Browsing Data

Once in a week you should always clear your browsing data or should Use Ccleaner which automatically erase all browsing data. Hence Browsing data will slow down your browsing hence it’s necessary to clear your Browsing Data.  Press “Ctrl+H” together, Now History Tab will be opened showing your browsing data, Click on Clear all Browsing Data.

Enjoy Fastest Browsing Using Google Chrome and it will be more Speedy then before.


  1. Never Tried First 3 Last One Always Works For Me. Will Try First 3 Too 🙂
    Thanks For Info 🙂

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