Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot such as Virtual Wi-Fi router, To create Wi-Fi Hotspot  you require Router Which Cost more than र 1000 and by using Mhotspot you can create Secure Wi-Fi connection. Using Mhotspot you can easily Share your Internet with Multiple Devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone etc any device which support with WiFi.

wifi-hotspot2How to Connect your Mobile to Laptop Wireless

Create Hotspot and connect your Mobile to laptop and can share all files and data. Some people are having problem with data cable they are unable to connect thier mobile to laptop due to the port problem so they can connect their mobile to laptop.

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How to Play Multiplayer Games

You can Play Multiplayer Games without any LAN Cables or Ethernet- HUBS

STEP 1:- Download Mhotspot on Laptop and Setup the wireless Network.

STEP 2:- Share your Password with your Friend and get connected to hotspot Network.

STEP 3:- You have successfully created your  wireless network without any LAN Cables or Wifi Router

How to Use Mhotspot


STEP 1:-  Enter any name of your choice as hotspot name. (Example :- mhotspot)

STEP 2:-  Choose a password of minimum 8 characters

STEP 3:- Select your active internet connection

STEP 4:-  Set the max  no. of clients to be connected to the Network.

STEP 5:- Click start hotspot to start wifi hotspot and Enjoy…


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