Ubuntu basic version of Linux Use by most of the User .Ubuntu Is an Open Source project Powered by Linux .There are many versions of Linux but Ubuntu is been used by newbie because it don’t require much knowledge of Shell Programming and easy user interface. Finally Ubuntu has released their final stable version of Ubuntu 11.10 called Oneiric Ocelot. Ubuntu 11.10 is consider as one of the best Linux version till date.Ubuntu 11.10 has User Interface on latest GNOME3.0 ,also optimized for laptops and Netbooks.

Ubuntu 11.10 is developed on Linux Kernel V3.0.3  Ubuntu 11.10 manages new Login panel for Admin LightDM as default Login Manager and Users for security. Ubuntu 11.10 include some smart applications like Mozilla Firefox,  Empathy, Mozilla Thunderbird, Social Network Client,Nautilus file Manager,gedit text editor and Pidgin.

Ubuntu 11.10 has awesome backup tool called Deja Dup which will backup and restore all files in home folder . Mozilla Thunderbird7.0 as a default Email client and  Mozilla Firefox7.0 as default web browser . Improved office suite with LibraOffice 3.4 ,ALT+TAB functionality which will display process which are actively running on system.

[Download Ubuntu 11.10]

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