Watch Live TV on your PC without any dish or any other connection like  TV tuner which cost more then thousands only you need is your internet connection and Google Chrome which allows us to install extension to watch Live TV. Chrome TV allows Us to watch any channel which are present in that country. Their are  many countries and many categories so that you can easily select any topic which you are interested in watching it.

How Watch Live TV

STEP1:- Download Google Chrome if you don’t have but most of the users are using  Google Chrome so they don’t to download it.

[Download Windows Media Player Plugin]

STEP2:- Once you have Downloaded Google Chrome, Now Download  Google Chrome extension and install it.  [Download Chrome TV]

STEP3:- After the installation of extension it will place icon near address bar.

STEP4:- Double Click on that icon and it will show different countries  and Categories.

STEP5:-  Now Select your Country and Click on Channel which you want to watch.

STEP6:-  Now new tab will be opened and in windows media player will be streaming and you will be able to watch Live TV in Google Chrome.

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