WhatsApp dare are fun games which you can play with your friends, family and even your boyfriend or girlfriend. WhatsApp dare messages is a also fun way to keep your whatsapp group active increase interaction among the whatsapp users.The key to whatsapp dare messages with Answers is that the person who are going to dare should be ready to accept the challenge and answer the dare with all honesty.

Best WhatsApp dare games 2019

Choose any emoji from ?????? and I will give you a dare


?: Tell me the of first person you ever kissed.

?: Recharge on my phone of 100 rs.

?: Send my your funniest picture

?: Write something special for me

?: Send me a flying kiss video.

?: Tell me something that you never ever told anyone.


Select a ? from 1 to 10 and i will tell you about your life partner :

? 1.

? 2.

? 3.

? 4.

? 5.

? 6.

? 7.

? 8.

? 9.

? 10


? 1. Caring

? 2. Talkative

? 3. Irritating

? 4. Boring

? 5. Always fight with you

? 6. Cheater

? 7. Selfish

? 8. Angry

? 9. Romantic

? 10. Loyal

Choose a color and I will tell you about your personality ?:

1. White ?

2. Black ?

3. Grey ?

4. Blue ?

5. Green ?

6. Red ❤️

7. Pink ?

8. Yellow ?

9. Purple ?

10. Orange ❤️


1. White ?: Innocent

2. Black ?: You are moody and sophisticated.

3.Grey ?: You’re afraid of commitment.

4. Blue ?: Calm and cool

5. Green ?: Nature Lover

6. Red ❤️: Bold and have the ability to make a long lasting impression

7. Pink ?: You’re childish and have delicate sensibilities.

8. Yellow ?: You are an optimistic person.

9. Purple ?: Hippy like in the way that you impractically tackle the world.

10. Orange ❤️: If your favorite color is orange then you are friendly and easy going.

Select a fruit and I will tell you what will you get in 2019

?Water Melon
? Mango
? Grapes

Apple : Love ❤️
water Melon : Happiness?
Mango :Money?
Orange : Engagement?
Banana : Marriage ? ?
Guava : Friend? ?
Grapes : Romance?

Select any one from the below and I will show you who you are.



0000 Honest lover???

1111 Caring person???

2222 Silent killer???

3333 Smart???

4444 Hard worker???

5555 Intelligent???

6666 Playboy????

7777 Sweetest person???

8888 Cheater???

9999 Loyal???


You can ask questions by WhatsApp dare questions and know what people think about you. so here are some dares that you can use to know about yourself. It makes our love ones closer and we can understand them better by asking these interesting questions.

Dare 10. Just fill in the blanks:

1. Tell me your nickname?

Answer: ___________________

2. Describe me in just one word.

Answer: ____________________

3.Tell me about my habit that you hate the most.

Answer: _____________________

4. Describe our relationship in one word.???

Answer: _____________________

5. What are my habits that you like the most.

Answer: _____________________

6. What do you expect from me?

Answer: _____________________

7. What color that suited me the best?

Answer: ____________________

8. What did you feel when you first meet me????

Answer: ____________________

9. Tell me something that you always wanna share with me but can’t.

Answer: ____________________

10. What is your favorite scene in the movie?

Answer: _____________________

Dare 11. If i’m gonna die what will be your last words to me. Select any of these;

Answer: _____________________

Choose one and i will tell you about your personality
1.Blue Sea
2.Black Universe
5.White cloud

1.Blue Sea = calm
2.Black Universe = Devil
3.Sunset = Charming
4.Grass = Beautiful
5.White cloud= Emotional


These are very interesting games for crush or lover. You can easily find out what he/she thinks about you.

Fill in the blanks Messages

What are the 2 things you like about me?

Ans. ___________

What are the 2 things you don’t like about me?

Ans. ___________

Tell me the name you want to call me.

Ans. ___________

What color suites on my personality ?

Ans. ___________

What is our relationship status?

Ans. ___________

One thing that you hate the most.

Ans. ___________

Rate my profiled from 1 to 10.

Ans. ___________


This is the best way if you want to confess love to someone and see how they react. So we providing some whatsapp dares that you can send to your lover or crush and see what happens next..

Select your favorite color and get ready for the dare.


Red : Purpose me in the cutest way.???
Blue : Go for a long drive with me???
Green : Go for a date with me.???
Yellow : Give me an ice cream treat.???
Purple : Kiss me.????
Black : Send me your cutest picture.???
White : Pay for my shopping bills.???
Pink : Hug me whenever you meet.????
Orange : Give me cadbury silk.???
Brown : Call me every morning.???
Gray : Give me a big party when we meet next time?????
Gold : Plan a surprise for my birthday.???
Silver : Present me my favorite dress.?
Violet : Make a video call right now.??
Beige : Send me an audio saying that you love me.?


If you want to give someone any nick name you can try this and she can’t say anything if she will select any number.?

Choose one from 1 to 22 and i’ll call you by that name.


1. Baby
2. Gadhi
3. My love
4. Darling
5. Dhakkan
6. Dear
7. Idiot
8. Jaanu
9. Sweetheart
10. Janeman
11. My love
12. Crazy
13. Monkey
14. idiot
15. Honey
16. Beautiful
17. Tubelight
18. Sweetheart
19. Tubelight
20. Donkey
21. stupid
22. Sweety

what is the battery percentage of your phone. Tell me and i will give you a dare.


100% Battery: Tell me about our relationship with a movie name.
99% Battery: Send me the picture of your eyes.
98% Battery: Flirt with me for next one week.
97% Battery: Hug me when we will meet.
96% Battery: Tell me the name of your GF/BF.
95% Battery: Change your Whatsapp DP to my picture.
94% Battery: Say “I Love You” and send it to me.
93% Battery: Give me a gift.
92% Battery: Sing a song for me
91% Battery: Tell me a funny thing about you.
90% Battery: Send the latest 5 pictures of you.
89% Battery: Whats is the name of your Crush?
88% Battery: Kiss me when we will meet.
87% Battery: be my slave for one week.
86% Battery: Tell your Ex name?
85% Battery: Tell me one joke..
84% Battery: How many girls do you have in your contact list now?
83% Battery: Propose to me in srk style.
82% Battery: Dance on your favorite song send me that video.
81% Battery: Give me a nick name.
80% Battery: Call me regularly for 1 month to wish me good night!
79% Battery: .Put my pic in your status saying you had a crush on me.
78% Battery: Send me the screenshot of your home screen.
77% Battery: What did you eat yesterday?
76% Battery: Write my name on your wrist hand and send me the picture
75% Battery: What is your relationship status
74% Give me surprise.
73% Battery: Send your best pic.
72% Battery: Update my picture as Your whatsapp DP for next 24 hours.
71% Battery: Tell me something about your first love.
70% Battery: What is your deepest Secret?
69% Battery: Recharge on my phone For 100 Rs.
68% Battery: What was my first impression to you?
67% Battery: Just tell me 2 things that you found stupid.
66% Battery: .Propose me in a romantic way.
65% Battery: Send me name of top five persons in your chat list.
64% Battery: Send me your latest pic.
63% Battery: Give me pizza treat.
62% Battery: Tell me that one thing you’ve never told anyone.
61% Battery: Give me a chocolate treat.
60% Battery: Be my GF/BF for 5 days.
59% Battery: Give a opinion about me.
58% Battery: Send me a voice note that you Love Me.
57% Battery: Call me everyday for one week.
56% Battery: Tell me your pet name..
55% Battery: Send me a picture of you with your BF/GF/
54% Battery: Give me a rose when we next meet.
53% Battery: Tell me about your love story.
52% Battery: Call me every morning by saying i love you.
51% Battery: Give me an ice cream treat.
50% Battery: Put my name as your status.
49% Battery: Send me your crush photo.
48% Battery: Write something appreciating about me in your whatsapp status.
47% Battery: Make a collage with me and put it as your status saying that your are committed with me.
46% Battery: Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t.
45% Battery: Give me a chocolate whenever you meet me.
44% Battery: Tell me something interesting about you.
43% Battery: Do whatever as i say for next 10 days.
42% Battery: What is your favorite color?
41% Battery: Tell me something that you don’t like?
40% Battery: Tell me about your feelings for me.
39% Battery: Send me your most funny pic till the date.
38% Battery: Send a pic of your hands.
37% Battery: What is our relationship?
36% Battery: Send me your morning selfie.
35% Battery: Give me a treat in a hotel.
34% Battery: Call me in just 5 minutes.
33% Battery: Purpose me when we will meet.
32% Battery: Put your whatsapp status by saying that i’m your first love.
31% Battery: Order a pizza for me.
30% Battery: Send me your crush list.
29% Battery: Send me your present pic.
28% Battery: Call me right now.
27% Battery: make me realize that you love me.
26% Battery: Ask anything from me.
25% Battery: Sing your favorite song and send me the audio.
24% Battery: Dedicate a movie about our relationship.
23% Battery: Tell me about your past love.
22% Battery: Confess anything to me without any hesitation.
21% Battery: Put my pic as your mobile home screen.
20% Battery: What are your true feelings for me?
19% Battery: Go for a date with me.
18% Battery: What is your favorite place?
17% Battery: What is your favorite song?
16% Battery: Tell me your deepest secret.
15% Battery: Just pay my shopping bill
14%: Tell me how much you love me.
13% Battery: Tell me that you love by video calling.
12% Battery: What is your favorite movie?
11% Battery: What will you do if i die?
10% Battery: Write something special about me.

And if your battery is less than 10% then send me the screenshot and enjoy.


If you want to say your lover anything you can use these whatsapp games for lovers.

Choose one number and see your luck



99= I Love You????
87 = I Kill You???
72 =I Hate You???
45 = I Like You???
10 = I Fight With You???
61 = I Pray For You???
82 = I Don’t Like You????
91= I Kiss You????
77 = I am Only For You???
37 = I Miss You???

Tell me about what you like in me.

I like your attitude.
Dressing sense
I’m in love with your eyes.
I ‘m in love with your smile.
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Pick a number between 1 and 48 and I’ll dare you according to the selected number.


1. Just bring me a glass of water.
2. Message me your instagram password.
3. Give a rose to your crush.
4. Let’s go for a walk tomorrow.
5. Give me a Biryani Party.
6. Uninstall your WhatsApp for next 2 days.
7. Recharge on my phone for 200 Rs.
8. Just cry like a baby.
9. What do you like in me?
10. Gift me something special when we meet next time.
11. Make a collage with me.
12. Send me any five funny pictures of yours.
13. Take a selfie with your parents and send it to me.
14. Sing a song and send a voice note to me.
15. Buy me a new dress you like.
16. Give me a surprise.
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Message me every morning.
19. Go for a long drive with me.
20. Buy me a beautiful watch.
21. Write something about me in your whatsapp story.
22. Update your profile with my photo.
23. Send me the screenshots of your to 5 chats.
24. Call me right now.
25. Don’t talk to me for next 5 days.
26. Message “I Love You” to all your contacts.
27. Rate my profile out of 5.
28. Send me your location.
29. Dance on your favorite song and send the video to me.
30. Change your WhatsApp status saying you are in love with me.
31. Call me and make annoying sounds.
32. A selfie with me when we meet next time.
33. Give me a surprise.
34. Send me the selfie with your partner.
35. Make a funny face and send that selfie to me.
36. Send “I will never talk to you” to your best friend.
37. Don’t use facebook for next 2 days.
38. Let’s go for a date.
39. Don’t sleep and talk to me.
40. Come to my home.
41. Call me and say i love you.
42. Put my picture as whatsapp story by saying “I’m the best”.
43. Make a call to customer care and talk nonsense for next 15 minutes and send me the audio record.
44. Make a weird voice and send it as a voice note.
45. Slap yourself and send me the video.
46. Who was your first crush?
47. Wear your favorite dress and send me the selfie.
48. Send me your cutest picture.


Please select any number from these all and I will tell you for what you will gonna fight with your partner?
1101-For ignorance
2202-For movie cancellation
3303-For no time
4404-Not following partners advice
5505- For gift
6606-For treat
7707-For romance
8808-For backbiting
9909-For late dinner
11101-For baby

You can ask these questions to your friends if they select Truth. ?

How was your most memorable dinner date?
Which country would you go for your honeymoon?
Any two things that you want to change the world?
Whom do you like the most in your family?
What is your dream?
Which one do you prefer between iPhone and Android?
Which is your favorite chocolate?
Which star would you like to date?
What was your Childhood nickname?
What is your funniest habit?

Whatsapp Dare Messages

Fill it…

Do you believe me_____________
Describe me in one word_________
Who am i to you_______________
What you hate about me_________
My first impression to you________
Current impression_____________
My name on your contact list_______
How and when we met:___________
Send it to all your friends and get awesome replies but reply me first ?? I will be going put the answers on my story.


Select any one from these….
I will tell you about our relationship of last birth


Reply me…


So the answer is:
02=Best friends
03=cute lovers
04= friend
05=Blood relation
06=sweet friend
07=romantic lover


We are providing you with all types of WhatsApp dare game that you can send to your friends and they have to choose an option or complete the dare that is in the answer. Isn’t this is crazy? let’s try..

Select a ? and I will give you a dare ?

?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5 ?6 ?7 ?8 ?9 ?10


1. Use my pic as your whatsapp story for one day ?

2. purpose me ?

3. Tell me your biggest secret ?

4. Tell me the name of your crush ❤️

5. Write “getting married” in your whatsapp status ?? ??

6. Send me your funniest pic ?

7. First thing you notice in me when you meet me first ?

8. Tell me the name of your BF/GF. ?

9. What is your memorable day ?

10. 50 rs. recharge on my number ?

Select any of these books:








?:You love me

? :Time pass

? :You’re playing with me

? :You need me

? :You are addicted to me

? :I’m nothing for you

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