WhatsApp Dare Games you can play with your friends. Just choose one and send a message to your friend. They will be asked to choose a number, color or letter and it has a dare behind it. Whatever letter, color or number they choose, they will have to perform that dare.

Here is our list of the greatest Dare Games that can be play on WhatsApp or even every other messenger. We keep this list updated, so you will always find a great Dare Game to play!

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 15 16 17 18 19 20. In Me Se Koi Ek Ank Choose Kro,But Thoda Dhyan Dena Kyuki Hm Apko Sari Umar Usi Naam Se Bulayenge…..⁠


7-golu molu?
8- Janu ?❤
19- mera shona?

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Dare for you..
Choose Any One….


Be Sincere and complete your Dare as soon as possible.


☆1 – Record short clip, saying something about me and send me.

♤2 – Record the song in ur voice and send back

♡3 – tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life

♢4 – Update your status with message ‘I am stupid’

♧5 – Tell something which you do not like in me & Give me a Lollipop when we meet.

□6 – Tell me something about ur personal life & The most important person in your life?

○7 – Click  a selfie onspot and send it to me .

¤8 – Tell me ur opinion about love and which type of partner do u want ?

€9 – Send a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic way.

£10 – Call me and say my name in a loud voice!

¥11 – Dance on any song and send me the video

₩12 – Tell me two negative points about me that you hate the most.

$13 – Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t…

#14 – Tell me one thing you have never told anyone

@15 – Send ur funny video.

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

❄ select one ❤ number
hum aapki life ka raaz batayange?

❤ 111
❤ 222
❤ 333
❤ 444
❤ 555
❤ 666
❤ 777
❤ 888
❤ 999


❤ 111: GF ki baat dil me rakhte ho, kisi ko batana pasand nahi karte !

❤ 222 : bohut chalak ho

❤ 333 : Apni khushi se zyada dusro ki khushi ka khayal rakhte ho !

❤ 444 : Selfish ho just apne aap se pyar karte ho !

❤ 555: Bohot jaldi kisi par bhi bhrosa kar lete ho !

❤ 666 : !Apne life partner she bohot pyar karte ho, apni jaan se bhi zyada !

❤ 777: looking Simple but Very sexy n Romantic ho !

❤ 888 : Bohot romantic ho..Lekin koran ki Talash Krte ho!

❤ 999 : kisi ko bohot yaad karte ho.!!

its true must share it.

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers


Choose Any Number???


1……kiss in my eyes
2……give 100  kiss lip to lip
3……give me kiss.
4……uninstall ur whtsp fo 1 day
5……put my pic as dp for 48hrs
6……kiss me hug me when we meet
7…… put my pic in ur dp 1 day
8……tell i love you
9……buy me briyani
10……take selfie with me
11……hug me
12……send me ur 5 cute pics
13…….don’t talk to me for 1hr
14……ride a bike with me
15……treat for 3 times
16…… put my pic as ur dp
17……tell me I hate u
18……give any gift to me
19………don’t sleep and chat with me
20……call me and give me kiss
21…….top up me rs10
22……care me
23……..hold me
24……..long drive
25……now take pic and send me
26……give a lip kiss for an hour
27……take selfie with ur mom and send me
28……tell me i love u
29……tell ur crush name
30……book a movie
31……cry for me
32…. tell me ur gf/bf name
33……buy a doll for me
34……scold me
36……what u thing about me
37……write a status for me
38……buy a mobile for me
39….. Hug me in next meet
40……propose me
41……buy a dress for me
42……don’t sleep today
43…  sy I love u 3 time.
44……call me
45……dance with me
46……give me surprise
47……give me gift
48…….don’t text me for 1hr
49……call me wife /husband
50……come outing with me

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

AP kiske bina nhi reh skte y janne k liy isme se koi nmbr choose kro…?


?82-mera bina??
?87-Best Frnd

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

I Will Tell U About Ur Life Partnerz Personality!!!!











-1648–Tull Of Attitude


WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

iss Me se koi Ek no. Choose karo.. fir dekhte h aap kis me expert ho…..

12✉    23✉    34✉    45 ✉  56✉    67✉   78✉   88✉   90✉    111✉  127✉  133✉  149✉ 155✉

Choose any one.Reply


12.?Baate krne mei expert

23.?  dil todne mei expert

34.?padhai kerne mei expert

45.?kanjusi mei expert

56.?dosti nibhane mei expert

67.?dil jeetne mei expert

78.?jhut bolne m mei expert

88.?love karne mei expert

90.?hasane mai expert

111?bewkoof banane mei expert

127?Rone mei expert

133?khane me mei expert

149?ladne mei expert

155?kam karne mei expert

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Reply jarur karna….

♥?Mere full name me se koi ek akshar choose karo dekhte h ki aap mere bare me kya soochte ho ?? bhut maza aega… apne dosto ke saath bhi khelo… Reply me fasttttttt ……


A: luv u❤
B: alwayz pray 4 u. ?
C: fooling u ?
D I hate u
E: big enemy of u ?
F: likes u ☺
G: very noughty?
H: care for u?
I: love you but not showing ?
J: passing time. ?
k: a special date?
L: wanna kiss you ?
M: wants 2 marry ?
N:i love u ?
O: angry wid u ?
P: only friendship ?
Q: ignore u ?,
R: always respect you ?
S: U r my love. ?
T: really loves u. ?
U: cant live without you?
V: wants 2 propose u ☝
W: can’t lose u ?
Y: uses u ?
Z: emotional abt u !????????????????????

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Koi 1 number Select karo pata to chaly k ap mein kon c Cheez koot koot k Bahri hai..?


Reply must…

Share with your friends and family aur dekhe unmein kaunsi cheez koot koot kar bahri hai


00= Romance
11= Jhoot Bolan
22= Khubsurti
33= Gussa
44= Nafrat
55= Bewafai
66= Love. Oohhoo
77= Wafa
88= Pyar
99= begarti
Wah g wah

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Choosing Numbers 1 to 27


1. Send a voice note saying that You love me.
2. Give me a treat
3. Write my name <3 in your status O:)
4. Ignore me 😀
5. Tell me a secret about you 😀
6. Delete my number :/
7. Make my picture your dp for 1 day
8. Send a pic of your legs
9. Who am I for You.
10. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
11. Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O
12. Ask me out
13. Send me your latest picture
14. What was your secret ?
15. What’s your deepest secret?<3
16. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!(y)
17. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
18. Write ma name on your status saying you love me..!!
19. Be my slave for 2 days
20. Write your phone number in your status for 1 day!! B)
21. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
22. Voice clip me saying I wanna go crazy
23. tell me one thing you have never told anyone B)
24. what’s on your mind
25. Describe me with a single Movie name ?
26. How do you find me ?
27. Send a pic of your crush

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Select any number from 1 to 30 and I’ll tell your dare


1. date me
2. Ice cream treat
3. Send me your cutest pic
4. Give me treat next time
5.hug me when you meet me next
6.make my pic as your dp for whole day
7. Send a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic way.
8. What would you want our relation to be?
9. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
10.Call me and say my name in a loud voice
11.delete my number
12. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
13. what are your feelings about me?
14. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t…
15. How do you want me to be?
16. How do you describe me at least six line
17.  Rs 222 recharge to my mob
18.treat me with a movie
19. Take me 4 a long drive
20.dance on any song and send me the video
21.send me a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic ways and keep our
name in your status
22. send a pic of your 1st  crush
23.Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
24. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
25. What am I to you ?
26. What’s your deepest secret? <3
27. be my 1 day bf or gf ?
28. Tell me something you always.  to say but you couldn’t
29.tell me 2 negative points about me that you hate the most
30 Send me a picture of what your doing now

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Apki photo phli baar apke sasural jaye toh unka answer kya hoga
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 chose any one no.


1-nagin hai ?
2- bhikhari se bhi battr hai?
3-hot hai?
4 achi hai?
5-heroine hai??
6-kamini hai?
7-khobsorat hai ?
8-cute n sanskari
9-sexy hai?
10-rishta cancel ?

WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Select the Whatsapp Dare …..
Jo aaye wo Karna Padega …..
Do Reply..


01. ? 02. ? 03. ?
04. ? 05. ? 06. ?
07. ? 08. ? 09. ?
10. ? 11. ? 12. ?
13. ? 14. ? 15. ?
16. ? 17. ? 18. ?
19. ? 20. ? 21. ?
22. ? 23. ? 24. ?
25. ? 26. ? 27. ?
28. ? 29. ? 30. ?

Do reply….


1. Date Me
2. Ice Cream Treat
3. Send Me Ur Cutest Pic
4. Give Me Treat Next Tym
5. Hug Me When U Meet Me Next
6. Put Your Status For A Day Saying “I Am Mad”
7. Make My Picture Your Dp Fr 1Day
8. What Would U Want Our Relation To Be?
9. Send A Voice Note Saying U Love Me In 3 Romantic Way…
10. Call Me And Say My Name In A Loud Voice
11. Delete My Number
12. Write Ur N My Name In Ur Status For 1 Day!
13. What Are Ur Feelings About Me?
14. Tell Me Something You Always Wanted To Say But You Couldn’T…
15. How Do You Want Me To Be?
16. How Do U Describe Me Atleast Six Line
17. Rs 222 Recharge To My Mob
18. Treat Me With A Movie
19. Take Me 4 A Long Drive
20. Dance On Any Song And Send Me The Vdeo
21. Send Me A Voice Note Saying U Love Me In 3 Romantic Ways N Keep My Name In Ur Status
22. Say Me Love U In Ur Styl
23. Take A Picture Of Yourself & Send It To Me Now
24. Send Me A Pic Of You Wearing The Least Clothes On You
25. What Am I To You??
26. Propose Me In 4 Differnt Ways ™¡
27. Be My 1 Day Bf/Gf
28. Tell Me Something You Always. To Say But You Couldn’T
29. Tell Me 2 Negative Points Abt Me That U Hate The Most
30. Send Me A Picture Of What Ur Doing Now ?
This Is The Ans Of Ur Gift.

  1. WhatsApp Dare Games with Answers

Dare select any 1!!
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✏ ? ⚓ ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?.?? ? ? ????
❤ ?
choose any 1 and reply fast


1.? hug& kiss me on lip whn v meet.
2.? Tell me ur curnt crush name
3.? keep ur status as I’m engaged
4.? call me now n say i hate u much
5.? put my pic as ur dp for 1 dat
6.? hike stuts everyday n i love you
7.?be my gf/bf for 4days
8.? send me 5 frndshp msgs.
9.? keep ur worst pic fr dp
10.? kiss your lover 10 times dont cheat
11.? do keep ur status sayn tht m ur bst frnd. !.
12.? treat me wid pizza
13.? treat me wid icecrm.
14.? tell me your first crush’s name
15.? keep my name in ur status saying im d best ?
16. ?80 recharge on my fone
17. ?gift me a silk
18. ? block everyone except me
19. ? kiss me on ur phone
20? -send me the audio of funny sound u can make
21?- keep my dp for 1 dae
22?-present me a dress….
23?- keep my photo as ur dp
24✏-call me regularly fr a month …
25? -send ur family pic
26?-rechg 50
27?-send me ur worst selfie and ur sexiest
28?- slap yourself 10 times
29? -tell ur biggest secret.
30?- recharge 100 rupee todaywhen my ph
31?-sing a song for me loudly and snd d voice note..
32?-hug me 5 times
33❤-say i love u
34⚓-send your voice note saying that ” im a crack”.
35?- keep your worst pic as your dp . No cheating ?


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