Now make your Whatsapp free for Life Time Using simple Tricks, We all are using Whatsapp Messenger for Chating with Friends and Family Member. Whatsapp is free for 1 Year and after 1 year you need to pay 0.99USD for whatsapp renewal. But you Don’t Worry I will show you how to make your Whatsapp Account free for Lifetime.

Requirements -:
  1. Android Smartphone
  2. Whatsapp installed on your Android Smartphone.

How To Make Whatsapp Free For LifeTime

STEP 1:- Open your whatsapp and Go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

STEP 2:- Enter your Phone Number in the blank field and Click on Delete my account.

STEP 3:- Now you have deleted your Phone Number for Whatsapp Database.

STEP 4:- Now create your new account on whatsapp messenger.

STEP 5:- At last check the expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to whatsapp Settings > Account > Payment Info. You’ll see that whatsapp free trial will be extended.

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  1. Jithin Joseph Reply

    Are you sure that it will work ? I don’t think Facebook is gonna allow such a flaw in the WhatsApp but there are chances that Facebook will make Whatsapp free forever.

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