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whatsapp love massages

Lets make your lovable ones with romantic whatsapp love messages friends.

The best feeling in the world is the time when you just say a simple hi because I was in your mind at that second.

I found the meaning of love the day i saw you. You are the best I had this in this world.

I usually talk too much but you showed me the silence of love.

I can split my life into two parts. Its emptied and fulfilled. Emptied is the part just before seeing you and fulfilled is the part after seeing you my dear. I hope you friends like the whatsapp love messages.

You was not with me in my good times but you was always there with me at my bad times. love you my dear.

I was searching for the moon at the full moon day. But i cant able to find it. Then only i realised it was sitting with me. Beautiful moment.

You know some people dies younger because God loves them more. But i am still on this earth because someone loves me more than that God. I think this will be the best whatsapp love message ever guys.

If you were my tears then i will never cry because i will never want to lose you.

Whatsapp love Quotes 

The person who hates you ,loves you the most

love is like a coin look from both side

Never leave faith, cause faith is very dangerous thing to lose

Love is blind so be careful

Live life fully, no place for hate, only love.

Love is not about possession, Love is about appreciation

Love is like a war easy to begin but hard to end

So far, but I love you always

Love Is My Favorite Mistake

Love don’t need perfectness its need to be true

If u love someone time and distance never be a problem

Love doesn’t walk away, people do.

Love is proved right when you cry harder

Love is in the air

Thanks God for creating love

Love is the word you can never understand

Where there is Love.. There is life

Dream without fear, love without limits..

Forget the haters…because some body loves you

Love is like way of life if you don’t go in it u will die

Love is not a heart of life; it is only a part of life.

Love is a beautiful thing only when it is received!!

love never dies, only lover changes

Sunshine of your love

Love is the best in my life


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