WhatsApp Puzzles With Answers

Guess What I am?

Whatsapp dare quiz

I am 5 letter word.
Everybody wants to eat me.
If you remove my first alphabet, then I become one kind of energy.
If you remove my first 2 alphabets then you need me for surviving.
If you remove my first 3 letters, I will be a proposition and near you!
If you remove my first 4 alphabets, I will a drink.
What I am?


Whatsapp funny riddles with answers

Sometimes We fake it,
No one knows why we make it,
If the first latter removed then its a unit,
sometimes we show it off,
Sometimes we mean it.

What is this?

Ans: Smile

Whatsapp funny questions and answers

 X is the father of Y. But Y is not the son of X. How’s that possible? 

Ans:Y is the daughter of X.

whatsapp maths puzzles with answers

Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. How many have 28 days?

Ans: All months have 28 Days.

whatsapp logical questions with answers

Which is the odd picture?


whatsapp riddle with answer

 Place 3 balls from the selection in the blank spots. You cannot use the same ball twice.



riddles with answers

Paul was standing on a 25m ladder. He slipped from the ladder and fell on the ground. But he didn’t die or get badly injured.How is it possible?

Ans: Paul was standing on the bottom rung of the ladder.

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