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whatsapp quiz

whatsapp puzzle 1

Kisi ek shakhs ka pura nam kisi b ek number k samne likho!
Then i’ll tell you ki wo aapke bare me kya sochta/sochti hai.
Reply must,
Answer :- 1.using u 2.Pasing time. Hahahaha 3.lyk u 4.Want 2 marry u. 5.Crazy about u. 6.4get u. 7.love u 8.miss u 9.Cant forget u 10.Intrstd in ur beauty

whatsapp puzzle 2

jhonny’s mother had three children.
the first child was named april.
the second child was named may.
what was the third child name..??

Answer :- Johny

whatsapp puzzle 3

Crack this Puzzle…

Four friends A, B, C, D
Need to cross a bridge..
A maximum of 2 people can cross at a time..
It is night and they have just 1 lamp.
People that cross the bridge must carry the lamp to see the way..
A pair must walk together at the speed of slower person…

Speeds of
A: 1 minute to cross bridge
B: 2 minutes to cross bridge
C: 7 minutes to cross bridge
D: 10 minutes to cross bridge

Now question is… “what is d total minimum time required by all 4 friends to cross the bridge….?

Scratch ur brains…
Take ur own time. This is tricky


First A and B will go. So 2 mins.
Then B will come back. So 2 mins.
Then C and D will Go. So 10 mins.
Then A will come back. So 1 min.
Then A and B will Go. So 2 mins.
Hence in Total 2+2+10+1+2=17 Minutes.

whatsapp puzzle 4

If u r genius solve it:-
40 * 14 = 11
30 * 13 = 12
20 * 12 = 6
10 * 11 = ?

Answer is 2
Logic :
So 10*11=110=1+1+0=2

whatsapp puzzle 5

Solve this..
◻ ➕ ◻ ➕ ◻=30

Fill the boxes using
(1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)

U can also repeat the numbers.

This question came in UPSC Final Exams held in Dec 2013.


Probable answer to this is :

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