Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend

Whatsapp questions for girlfriend is a message for whatsapp especially for new girlfriend. Whatsapp questions for girlfriend Messages containing a series of questions for girlfriend to know and understand your new girlfriend in whatsapp.

Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend : Level 1

level First: First level Whatsapp questions for girlfriend containing basic level questions.

1. Any Name, u would Like 2 Call Me in whatsapp ____
2. Nicknames people call you in whatsapp? ____
3. Your Full name? ____
4. Yours Birthday? ____
5. Describe yourself in 3 sentence? ____
6. Some negative points in you. ____
7. Some positive points in you. ____
8. What is your favorite activity and why? ____
9. What’s your favorite quote/saying? ____
10. What type of friends do you look for? ____
11. Your dream? ____
12. Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend? ____
13. What are your hobbies? ____
14. The best thing about you. ____
15. Special talents? ____
16. Rate My Whatsapp DP out of 10 ____

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Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend : Level 2

level Second: Second level Whatsapp questions for girlfriend containing questions to know her favorites.

1. Your favorite song and why? ____
2. Your favorite artist and why? ____
3. Your favorite actor or actress and why? ____
4. What is your favorite color and why? ____
5. What’s favorite number and why? ____
6. What is your favorite place you have traveled to and why? ____
7. What is your least favorite word? ____
8. What’s your favorite food? ____
9. Are you proud of yourself? ____
10. Which is your favorite cartoon character? ____
11. Who is your hero? ____
12. Who would you most like to talk to? ____
13. What inspires you? ____
14. Best thing that ever happened to you? ____
15. What is your favorite holiday and why? ____
16. What is your favorite movie and why? ____
17. Rate My Whatsapp status out of 10 ____

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Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend : Level 3

level Third: Third level Whatsapp questions for girlfriend containing questions to know her daily routines.

1. Favorite Expression? ____
2. What is the one food that you would never give up? ____
3. Describe ur Daily routine? ____
4. Describe what you feel like waking up on Monday morning. ____
5. Worst mistake? _____
6. What is your all time funniest prank? ____
7. What type of music do you like? ____
8. What is the last movie you just saw and did you like it? ____
9. Your favorite movie and why? ____
10. Do you like to sing in the shower? Which song? ____
11. Favorite Books? Why? ____
12. What is your favorite vacation spot and why? ____
13. What is your favorite drink and why? ____
14. What song do you play the most on your iPod? ____
15. What else do you do in your free time? ____
16. What is your favorite midnight snack? ____

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Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend : Level 4

level Fourth: Fourth level Whatsapp questions for girlfriend containing questions to know her life thoughts and events.

1. Favorite Sports ____
2. Favorite Vacation Spots ____
3. Favorite Games ____
4. If you could be the world leader you want to be, who would you be? ____
5. If you are an author, what book would you write? ____
6. What would be the one thing you’d change about yourself? ____
7. What would you name your autobiography? ____
8. Ever caught a virus, disease or sickness? ____
9. What’s the best advice you’ve given or been given? ____
10. Do you believe in God? If yes then why and if no, then why? ____
11. Do you believe in love? Why or why not? ____
12. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? ____
13. Describe in one word, LIFE is ____
14. Someone who knows all your secrets? ____
15. Who have been your closest friends in life? ____
16. Worst thing that ever happened to you? ____

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Best Whatsapp Questions for Girlfriend in 2017

1. What’s your favorite memory of me?
2. What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
3. What was the last lie you told?
4. Would you like to go to the moon?
5. Can I trust you with my secrets?
6. What do you think of public displays of affection?
7. What is your idea of romance?
8. Can you describe our life with a six word sentence?
9. What are Your Strengths/Weaknesses in relationship?
10. If you could be either a bee or a flower, which one would you like to be? Why?
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Hopefully, Whatsapp questions for girlfriend can useful to you and Whatsapp questions for girlfriend may satisfy your whatsapp chats. If you have your own Whatsapp questions for girlfriend, then you can please send us in comments.

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