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Whatsapp status Dare Messages : Today I will be posting about some of the dare Messages for Whatsapp  so that you can use this question with your boyfriend/ Girlfriend or with your friends to reveal their secretes and make fun of them. So here are some of the BEST Whatsapp  dare messages by which your friend have to change their whatsapp status and You will Enjoy this Game.

whatsapp Status Dare 

Select a alphabet from A-Z and the according to selected alphabet set Your Whatsapp status!!

A-I’m pregnant ??
B-ready to accept ur proposal?
C-I’m in love with my friend’s lover?
D-I am ugly???
E-guess i forgot my heart with u,plz return it..I’m dying??
F-my main hobby is eating?
G-In a secret place with my love don’t disturb ?
H-i wish to b a ? in my next life
I-I like to put makeup
J- Do not speak to me ever again?
K-I’m mental
L- Hate u all
M-I’m sexy?
O-I’m a cheater
P-play boy/girl
Q-I’d like to u drink ur blood
R-in love
S-Bhaiso se nafrat
T-missing my ex lover
U-my bf/gf is in love with my best friend..
V-missing u
W-don’t message me
X-I’m getting married next year?
Y-baby doll mai sona di
Z-I’m a Roudy??

No cheating ❌
?Go change ur status..let’s see who all r brave enough ?

WhatsApp Dare

The Number Has A Dare Behind
It.. Whatever Number You
Select, You Will Have To
Perform That Dare.
All The Dares -:

Answer :-

1⃣write my name on ur status n say u love me
2⃣Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
3⃣Ignore ths
4⃣who am I to you?
6⃣delete my number
7⃣put ma d.p sayn i luv she/he
9⃣dont talk to me
1⃣2⃣ Ask me out
1⃣3⃣ Send me ur latest picture
1⃣4⃣ What was ur secret?? 
1⃣5⃣ What’s ur deepest secret?
1⃣6⃣ Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!
1⃣8⃣ Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t!
1⃣9⃣ be my slave for 2 days
21⃣ Send me a picture of what ur doing now.
22⃣ send me ur sexy pic 
23⃣ tell me one thing you have never told anyone 
24⃣ what’s on ur mind?? 
25⃣ describe me?
26⃣ How do you find me ? 

WhatsApp Dare

Select any number from 1 to 25 and I’ll tell your dare :

Answer :

1.Send a voice note saying that You love me. 

2. Give me a treat 

3. write my name <3 in your status O:) 

4. Ignore me 😀 

5. Tell me a secret about you 😀 

6. delete my number :/ 

7. Make my picture your dp for 1 day 

8. send a pic of your legs 

9. who am I for You. 

10.Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now 

11. Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O 

12. Ask me out 

13. Send me your latest picture 

14. What was your secret ?

15. What’s your deepest secret?<3 

16. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!(y) 

17. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t 

18.write ma name on your status saying you love me..!! 

19. be my slave for 2 days 

20. Write your phone number in your status for 1 day!! B) 

21. Send me a picture of what your doing now. 

22. Voice clip me saying I wanna go crazy 

23. tell me one thing you have never told anyone B) 

24. what’s on your mind 

25. describe me with a single Movie name ?

WhatsApp Dare

Select one symbol. I will tell your life partner’s character

reply must…… plz


/ : always fighting
# : soft touch with smile
! : non stop kissing
* : every day honey moon
= : best couple
+ : romantic love.
– : everyday angry wit u
? : true partner.

WhatsApp Dare

Dare to choose ! Choose an alphabet and You have to do what it says..

Choose any alphabet from a to z and Reply only on the condition that you’ll do the one you get !


Answer :
#A Write something good on me with my name as your status 😀
#B Rs.100 recharge on my phone 😛
#C What kind of relationship do you want with me now ?
#D Write a whatsapp status for me for next 24 hours !
#E What you like the most in me ?
#F Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10 😀
#G Rs.220 recharge on my phone 😛
#H Call me and sing a song 4 me !
#I Tell me your relationship status-Single,Committed,Complicated,Engaged,Married,Divorced
#J Tell something which you don’t like about me !
#K Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
#L Rate me in looks from 1 to 10
#M Write a whatsapp status for me for next 2 days 😀
#N Make your status I Love You with my name
#O Share a secret with me !
#P Treat me a dinner !
#Q A habit or quality of mine that you don’t like
#R In next relationship, Would you like to have with me ?
#S Make my pic your dp (Display Pic) for next 24 hours
#T Buy one chocolate for me !
#U What is the name of your first crush ?
#V Treat me with a movie !
#W Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook 😀
#X Tell me the name of your ex !
#Y Rs.60 recharge on my Phone
#Z Recharge net offer for me.

WhatsApp Dare

Who Am I For You?
Select One answer,
I’ll Tell You The Meaning.
Pain Killer..

Chocolate = You love me.
Pizza = Good Friends.
Burger = Time Pass.
Sweet = Best Friends.
Pain Killer = You Need Me.
Cigerete = Addict to Me.
Drugs = Can’t Live Without Me.

WhatsApp Dare

Select any number from 1 to 16 and I’ll tell your dare
1. Write my name in your status.
2. Put my pic as your profile pic for one day.
3. Delete my number.
4.Send the pic of your first crush.
5.Tell me your deepest secret.
6.Will you be my boyfriend or girlfriend for one day.
7.Don’t talk me anymore.
8.Say me your deepest secret.
9.Scold your crush.
10.Say me that you love me.
11.Quickly take a picture of yourself and send me now.
12.Send me your latest profile picture.
13.Just ignore me.
14.Be a slave for me for one day.
15.Write in our status that you love me and send it to your crush.
16.Who am i for you.

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